LED candle lamp looks promising In 2014, the world's traditional candle lamps will enter the history, LED factories actively snatch new markets, Jingdian has developed new technologies to replace the traditional candle lights; Dongbei also received new orders for LED candle lights, and by the round and crystal Power supply LED chips; new products in the new century will enter the European and American market supply chain.

Epistar's chairman, Li Bingjie, said that in 2014, the world would stop production of traditional 40W (watt) candle lamps. Currently, LED candle lamps cost one to three to four US dollars. If the original market demand is 100 million, the future LED candle lamps will be reduced annually. The scale will reach 300 to 400 million U.S. dollars (about 90 to 12 billion U.S. dollars).

Li Bingjie pointed out that as long as 2W can save a lot of energy, the crystal filament LED candle lamp has received a lot of orders. Jingdian hopes to ship at least 500 million yuan this year; That's good.

Wu Qinghui, chairman of Dongbei Optoelectronics, stated that when LED lighting is applied, there are two types of lights that will be quickly replaced. One is MR16, and the other is a traditional candle light; in particular, the candle light, the estimated replacement rate this year may reach 30%, and next year's The substitution effect will be greater.

The shipboard medium voltage power cables are intended for shipboard and off-shore building to transmit power.

Standards applied:  IEC60092-350, IEC60092-354, IEC60092-360, IEC60228, IEC60332-1-2, IEC60332-3-22, IEC61034, IEC60754 and IEC60684-2.

Product making: factory name, type, rated voltage core.

Making: colour tape.

Medium Voltage Marine Power Cable

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