Silvermont chips consume more power and performance than ARM Intel’s Executive Vice President and General Manager Dadi Perlmutter said in an interview at the Computex Trade Show in Taiwan this week that the competition between Intel and ARM in chip power consumption and performance will end because Intel The upcoming mobile chip based on the Silvermont architecture exceeds the fastest ARM Cortex-A15 chip in both power consumption and performance.

David Pu said that the ARM Cortex-A15 chip is far from the Silvermont architecture. Their chips consume high power and lag far behind us in terms of performance.

ARM said at Computex that their processor chips are better than Intel chips. ARM processors generally lead Intel chips in terms of performance and power consumption. ARM made the above comment when releasing the new Cortex-A12 processor. This processor chip is targeted at smartphones and tablets priced from $200 to $350.

Pu David's speech is a response to ARM's comments. David Pu said that based on what I have seen so far with the Cortex-A12 processor, the Cortex-A12 processor is far from the Silvermont architecture in both performance and power consumption.

David Pu said Silvermont chips will improve performance per watt through improved circuit and power management. The Silvermont chip will be fabricated on a 22 nanometer process using a more efficient 3D transistor structure to package more circuitry in the chip while reducing the die size.

Intel has a manufacturing advantage over its competitors. The mobile chip codenamed "Airmont" that Intel will launch next year will further provide performance per watt.

David Pu also said that his eyes will not leave ARM. He said: "I never ignore competition. If they do a good job right now. They will do well the next time. But we are not standing still."

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