The music noise while listening to the wonderful headphones Many headsets do their best to discourage ambient noise for better sound quality, but the latest Momentum, X-1 audio headsets do the opposite, allowing the ear to open up to ambient noise while also ensuring crisp, clear musical quality. . Additional silicone earplugs automatically adjust the noise level, while another magical small ear fin can effectively increase the music's treble and bass.

The purpose of this sports special design is to ensure that when people are running, cycling, and other sports, they can enjoy the family music while ensuring safer and more clear roads.

You will certainly say that the surrounding environment is not ideal for those who want to listen to music attentively, but maintaining a certain amount of ambient noise for running, cycling, and other athletes is very helpful for safety. Therefore, the headphone company of the sports department had previously set up some accessories that specifically increase the ambient noise.

There is a small ear fin in the entire headphone set, this can guarantee the excellent sound quality of the earphone: It introduces the sound directly into the ear canal, and increases the treble and bass effectively.

The ear fins are now available in 3 sizes to ensure that the earbuds remain stable during high-intensity training, and the additional silicone earbuds automatically adjust the amount of noise (how much).

In addition, this headset also has an IP4 level entrance protection, can hold sweat, receive head flush, withstand bad weather. As for the institutions inside, a built-in microphone can be used to remotely control the volume, play, provide telephone answering and call invitation. At present, it will provide Siri speech recognition, so it is more selective to answer the phone during exercise.

Finally, we paid the most attention to the price of $49.99.

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