New addition to the Snapdragon 652 family, the new debu…

With its strong performance, the Snapdragon 652 provides the ultimate user mobile entertainment experience for many smart new machines in 2016. On June 7th, the “big and different” Nubian Z11 Max was officially released. This new machine equipped with the Snapdrago

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The development momentum of OLED screen equipment has s…

At the International Consumer Electronics Show in January, innovative notebooks and 2-in-1 devices with beautiful oled displays made a splash. These devices also offer sharper colors while providing longer battery life. After 5 months, the early development momentum of OLED display devices seems t

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Manga Island tv side starting, hands-free sofa butler t…

After more than three months of work by the programmers (jia ban), Comic Island TV is now officially announced on the sofa butler on the line it! Brings together the entire network of super full cartoons, tailored specifically for the second element of you, starting today,

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Optimize the stage monitoring system

Speakers that provide ground-based reverberation for bands and choirs on the stage are commonly referred to as stage monitors or stage return speakers. How to optimize the pre-feedback gain before the graphic equalization is the most often misunderstood part of the sound reinforcement system. T

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Qorvo® unveils new power multiplier to expand its DOCS…

China, Beijing – June 16, 2016 – Qorvo, Inc. (Nasdaq: QRVO), a leading RF solutions provider for applications in mobile applications, infrastructure and aerospace and defense, today announced the launch of three new power multiplier multichip modules supporting

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Last saw a tutorial about the firmware of the Quan Zhi H chip. The tutorial mentioned a tool for unpacking img: Big fat was found in Baidu, Bing and Google for a long time before it was in an article. Unpopular post find this imgRePacker_205 file, here

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LED lamps made into drone licenses?

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley are testing a project called "Lightcense," which they developed a drone license to better monitor drone controllers. The researchers used a bright, colored led lamp to form a rectangular array and then bound the light to the bottom of

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