New regulations for circulation of old electrical and electronic products will be implemented It is reported that the “Measures for the Administration of the Circulation of Old Electrical and Electronic Products” (hereinafter referred to as “Measures”) will be implemented starting on May 1. The “Measures” stipulate that consumers have the right to enjoy free warranty of not less than 3 months when they purchase second-hand appliances. service.

Recently, in the Nanxun flea market and some home appliances recycling sites found in urban areas, the current provincial market after-sales regulations for second-hand household appliances market is relatively confusing, the warranty period has a lengthy and short, more determined by the owner himself, especially small appliances almost go out Will not be responsible for." Although less than a month has passed since the new regulations for second-hand home appliance warranty, many businesses have not been clear about the relevant provisions of the "approach." Some businesses have even said they have never heard of it.

The warranty period is mostly verbal

In the continuous upgrading of electrical and electronic products, how to deal with home appliances, is really a problem. At present, recyclers include professional recycling companies, home appliance stores or manufacturing companies to organize recycling, small business hawkers, and website second-hand transactions. However, these channels are all on their own and do not have uniform standards or specifications.

The reporter found that the current period of after-sales warranty for the old appliance market is relatively confusing, and the warranty period provided by the merchants for the sold old household appliances is not standard. With air conditioning, for example, the warranty period from one month to six months ranging, multi-service content on an oral agreement the two sides, the length of the warranty period primarily with newness and price of the product, generally are businesses decide for themselves. In the old market of the provincial capital Nanxun, when reporters mentioned the after-sales problem of second-hand air conditioners, the businesses responded in different ways. Generally, “As long as the shopping documents are retained, we provide free maintenance services for the air-conditioners sold for 3 months, even within 3 months. Need to replace parts, but also do not charge." Some said: "More than 3 months, we have home repairs, but replacement parts have to be charged." "Air conditioning is a large item, will generally provide warranty, like some small home appliances We don't care if the money we make is not enough for the warranty.” Some merchants also directly refused to “don’t be responsible for the sale”.

With the popularity of the Internet, many websites have second-hand home appliance transaction content. According to a reporter on a transaction site in the same city of Taiyuan, according to a contact phone titled “move new home for sale of old appliances”, the seller Li Bo said that the price of the home appliance can be negotiated, but the warranty is not promised. “These household appliances are all Used, the price is there, I do not do this, no way to give you warranty." It is worth mentioning that the acquisition of old electrical and electronic products through the Internet and sales activities will also refer to the "old electrical products "Circulation Management Measures" implementation of the new regulations.

3 months free warranty required

The “Measures for the Administration of Circulation of Old Electrical and Electronic Products” clearly stipulates that old electrical and electronic products circulating on the market will receive no less than 3 months of free warranty service, unless otherwise agreed by the parties to the transaction. All purchased second-hand home appliances can receive free maintenance services as long as they are still within the Three Guarantees period. At the same time, in accordance with the new regulations, operators must issue sales vouchers or invoices to buyers, and buyers must also remember to ask for them in time, because if there are quality problems with the product, the public can enjoy the warranty provided by the operator with sales vouchers or invoices. .

In addition, the "Measures" also stipulates that the sale of old electrical appliances is required to register the identity: when the business operator purchases old electrical and electronic products, it shall register the acquired products. The registration information shall include the name, trademark, model, and original purchase certificate of the old electrical and electronic products. or sell identity information.

Warranty new regulations insiders do not know

Wei Dong is the owner of an electric appliance repair shop near the provincial capital Da Ying Pan. The store has been in operation for more than four years. With some old customers, he will also recycle old appliances. He told reporters: “A typical small repair shop will collect old appliances.”

According to the reporter’s request for the "Administrative Measures for the Circulation of Old Electrical and Electronic Products", after May 1st selling second-hand electrical appliances, operators must provide at least 3 months warranty service. Will you implement this standard? Wei Dong said: “Some second-hand household appliances have been used for a long time, and repairs are also prone to failure. Selling will also have a lot of trouble, and we will not accept it. This is generally a small repair shop. It will not manage too many after-sales problems.Because he wants to make the store bigger, he pays special attention to the service. Sometimes he will repair the second-hand appliances that have minor problems for over half a year. Heard the reporter introduced the introduction of the new regulations, He immediately stated that he would cut prices to quickly dispose of those "three nos" products.

The most surprising thing for reporters is that, whether it is in the old market of the provincial capital Nanxun, the old market of Pengcun, or the appliance repair shops in the streets and lanes, these shopkeepers are almost unaware of the new policy to be implemented. As Wei Dong said, in the past, the recycling of old home appliances was the same way of looking at goods, pricing, and closing transactions. There was no way to obtain the original purchase certificate, product information, or file information. To suddenly be in accordance with the new regulations, this business would not be able to do. According to the new regulations, if the operator does not register the acquired product or the content of the registration is unclear or even fraudulent, and the warranty and the “three guarantees” service are not performed in accordance with the law, the relevant departments will order rectification. If the operator fails to make corrections within the time limit, it will be punished with more than 2,000 yuan. A fine of less than 10,000 yuan.

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