Zhengtong Electronics recently announced the main financial indicators and distribution plans for the 2011 annual report. During the reporting period, the company achieved operating income of 677 million yuan, an increase of 29.14% over the same period of the previous year, and realized operating profit of 78,015,500 yuan, an increase of 28.56% over the previous year.

The net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company was RMB 71,580,100, an increase of 30.30% over the previous year. Specifically: earnings per share of 0.34 yuan, net assets per share of 2.50 yuan, return on net assets of 14.61%, 1 yuan per 10 shares (including tax).

In addition, in terms of LED and related trade, operating income was RMB 97,485,500 and gross profit margin was 11.80%.

Exhaust Fan, driven by the fan to rotate the air flow, so that indoor and outdoor air exchange of a class of air-conditioning appliances. Also known as ventilation fan. The purpose of the exhaust is to remove the indoor dirty air, adjust the temperature, humidity and sensory effects. Exhaust fans are widely used in homes and public places.
Exhaust fan, also known as negative pressure fan, negative pressure fan and so on. Is the use of air convection can make the room has been in a negative pressure state, the formation of a suction, a steady stream of outdoor air, and exhausted indoor hot air, so as to achieve ventilation and ventilation, cooling effect.

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