On March 29, 2012, Cirrus Logic announced the digital LED controller , officially entering the emerging high-growth LED lighting market. The LED controller can directly solve the dimming compatibility problem, which is also the main obstacle for consumers to adopt LED bulbs . The CS161X family of controllers uses Cirrus Logic's new digital TruDimTM technology and has been proven to be nearly 100% compatible with many global dimmers. Cirrus Logic is currently mass producing CS161X controllers for a leading lighting company. Cirrus Logic expects to deliver between 5 million and 10 million LED controllers to multiple customers in 2012.
At present, the main obstacles affecting the large-scale adoption of LED bulbs are expensive, and the same dimming compatibility problem as compact fluorescent lamps has not been solved. Today's LED bulbs are based primarily on analog drivers, and there are fewer manufacturers that offer a wide range of dimming compatibility for consumer installations in residential, retail, and corporate dimmers, including bulb blinking, flashing, or inability to switch. The problem of incompatibility is the main reason for the high return rate of products.
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Jason Rhode, president and CEO of Cirrus Logic, said: "A few years ago, we saw the growing LED market as an area where we could leverage our signal processing expertise to solve meaningful engineering challenges. For today's consumers. Saying that buying LED bulbs is a frustrating experience, because once you buy them home, you can find that most LED bulbs can't be used. It turns out that the challenge of solving dimming compatibility is extremely complicated. We are very happy to see One of the world's largest LED lamp manufacturers has demonstrated the superior performance of our first LED controller, which is nearly perfectly compatible with every dimmer we can find and test around the world."
Jon Gamble, senior analyst at Datapoint Research, said: "Implementing LED bulbs compatible with all existing dimming systems around the world is one of the biggest challenges for LED bulb manufacturers. In the next few years, it will be cost-effective to address dimming compatibility while Accelerating LED bulbs is a key to widespread adoption by consumers."
Digital TruDim technology
The industry-leading dimming-compatible CS161X family is the result of a three-year investment in TRIAC interface algorithms, LED driver topologies and system architectures, which are the foundation of TruDim technology. The CS161X's digital intelligence allows the controller to identify the type of dimmer in use and adjust the compatibility algorithm to provide smooth dimming in the same way that consumers have used incandescent bulbs for decades. This intelligent adaptive digital signal processing technology is not possible with today's analog controllers.
Tested to be close to 100% dimming compatibility
Cirrus Logic has acquired more than 200 dimmers worldwide and has developed a compatibility test to measure the impact of the CS161X on the performance of existing solutions. The dimming compatibility test includes testing of 120V and 230V products, covering multiple and 5-10 bulbs in parallel with multiple lamp configurations. It mainly measures 4 key parameters to determine dimming compatibility: (1) Function (2) None Blinking stable state (3) Smooth dimming and (4) Dimming range (maximum - minimum). Cirrus Logic's CS161X performed nearly perfect throughout the test, achieving 98% compatibility. The closest LED controller compatibility on the market is 71%, and the LED controller compatibility average is 50%.
CS161X Series Product Information
The CS161X is the first in a new line of Cirrus Logic LED controller solutions designed to help leading LED luminaire manufacturers solve complex engineering challenges and drive sales of high-capacity LEDs. The CS161X family's unique adaptive dimming compatible algorithm controls the boost stage for optimal flicker-free phase dimming throughout the spectrum, including the use of leading edge, trailing edge and digital dimmers to reduce from "deep dimming" to 0% light output.
The CS161X integrates a variable conduction mode boost converter (CRM/CCM) that provides power factor correction and dimmer compatibility with side control, constant output current, quasi-resonant flyback or buck output stage, and is suitable for 100 -120VAC and 220-240VAC line voltage solutions.
Cirrus Logic's first LED driver family addresses the challenges of dimming compatibility. Subsequent products in the company's product blueprint will improve LED color and reduce system cost to meet industry demand, highlighting the company's long-term investment in LED products.

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