The figure shows a thermostat circuit consisting of a general-purpose I-type F007 op amp. The processing temperature and time requirements of color film are very strict. For example, Shanghai color photo paper requires 20 degrees plus or minus 0.5 degrees, and Kodak-type 2 requires 32.8 degrees. Positive and negative 0.3 degrees. The line temperature control range is 15 degrees to 45 degrees, and the temperature control accuracy is not inferior to plus or minus 0.3 degrees.

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In the figure, RC is a negative temperature coefficient thermistor MF-51.16V voltage is rectified and filtered

Color Flush Thermostat Circuit Diagram

Busway instroduction:

Bus  duct System for electrical distribution is an alternative to cumbersome conventional cable distribution system. 
Decentralized distribution is the main highlight of this distribution system.
This system eliminates separate requirement of distribution & panel boards.
Loads can be fed from Plug-in Boxes unlike cables where each floor /machine is to be fed separately from the main switchboard. 
Can be installed quickly with minimum technical expertise and have good asthetics.
Any section of bustrunking can be removed without distrurbing adjacent sections.
System is maintenance free and adds elegance to the surrounding.

It is suitable for the power supply and distribution system with ac three-phase four-wire, three-phase five-wire system,frequency of 50-60HZ, rated voltage of 380V-690V, rated current of 200A-6300A.

Intensive Busbar

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