On March 30, Edison, a high-power LED packaging factory, decided to distribute a dividend of 3.51 yuan, including a cash dividend of 3.01 yuan (2.01 yuan for dividends, 1.00 yuan for capital reserves) and 0.5 yuan for stock dividends. The cash yield is close to 5%.

Edison’s consolidated revenue last year was NT$2,506 million, an annual decline of 17.24%, and operating margin of NT$504 million, a significant decline of 45.6% and a gross margin of 20.11% compared to the previous year’s NT$927 million. Compared with 30.63% in 2010, it fell 10.52%, and after-tax profit of NT$210 million, the annual recession was 57.1%, and the after-tax EPS was 2.04 yuan.

Edison said that the company's shareholding ratio has remained above 80% in recent years. In 2011, due to the excessive competition in the LED industry, the market price was chaotic, resulting in a rapid decline in gross profit margin. Although the company's after-tax earnings performance was not as expected, but in order to In returning to shareholders, the company increases the capital reserve to allocate cash and stocks in addition to the surplus interest.

Compared with most LED manufacturers in the fourth quarter of last year, Edison said that the company's fourth quarter of last year consolidated revenue of 585 million Taiwan dollars, a quarterly increase rate of 1.3%, operating margin of NT$97 million, quarterly increase The rate was 16.6%. After a single season, the profit after tax was NT$16 million. The quarterly reduction rate was 30.7%, but the industry profit was 22 million yuan. It is a small number of LED packaging factories that have profit in the fourth quarter. 0.14 yuan.

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