The “12th Five-Year Plan” solar energy plan just released by the National Energy Administration increased the installed capacity of photovoltaics from 10 GW to 15 GW, which provided a huge market space for the development of domestic PV inverter companies. At the same time, the rapid increase in the production capacity of domestic photovoltaic inverters is also shocking. According to the survey data of IHSiSuppli, China's inverter shipments surged by 117% from 657MW in 2010, and it is expected to reach 5.0 by 2015. GW.

“Whether from the perspective of domestic PV inverter production capacity or market space, the future of the world's PV inverters is in China!” This is the bold judgement of the Great New Energy team for the future. Being able to make such bold judgments is not inconsistent with Gretel's new energy market experience in the photovoltaic industry. Gretel New Energy is currently the star enterprise in the international PV inverter market, and it is also the leading domestic company in the same industry in the international market sales. Its growatt inverter products have successfully entered the ranks of world famous brands with the advantage of “high cost performance”. .

According to incomplete statistics, domestic inverter manufacturers have reached 135, and at the same time, as mentioned in the opening paragraph, China's PV inverter market will have an explosive growth in the next few years. By 2015, shipments are expected to reach 5.0. GW. In terms of quantity alone, China's inverter companies have already obtained an opportunity. However, when competing with international brands, it is more necessary to have a core technology and a complete after-sales company like Gretel New Energy. Only a handful of companies have this point. During the interview, the reporter learned that Gerrit New Energy will invest 10% of its annual revenue in R&D and innovation, and achieved nearly ten software copyrights and patents in the past year alone. A member of the R&D team proudly disclosed that “Using technology to innovate growatt photovoltaic inverters' cost is directly reduced by 35%, which greatly enhances the competitiveness of the market”. The construction of Greentech's new energy sales back-end is also eye-catching. The successive establishment of the Melbourne branch in Australia, the Frankfurt branch in Germany and the Houston branch in the United States have been successfully operated.

In the series of good news, the most exciting thing for inverter companies should be the opening of the domestic market. The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" solar energy plan was raised from 10 GW to 15 GW. The first profit from this policy adjustment is the domestic photovoltaic companies. The "Notice on Doing a Good Job of the Golden Sun Demonstration Project in 2012" issued recently has also brought benefits to inverters and other key equipment manufacturers. In the face of an excellent situation, domestic inverter manufacturers have long been ready to go. They still use Greentech, for example, and its recent strong alliance with international venture capital Sequoia Capital shows its ambition for a huge domestic market. In addition, we must also acknowledge that with the enlargement of China's photovoltaic market, the status of China's inverters in the international market will also gradually increase.

With the enhancement of technology and quality, China's PV inverter brand has stood upright and dared to compete with international brands. The opening of the domestic market will certainly further consolidate the status of China's inverters in the world market, just as Gretel’s new energy team. Speaking of "The Future of the World's PV Inverters in China!".

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