UHV AC is expected to usher in spring. China's energy distribution and load center are deviated from each other and face the problem of large-scale deployment of energy; the continuous increase in electricity consumption has led to a 500kV AC main grid approaching the limit; wind power and photovoltaics have been packaged and sent out, requiring large-scale network absorption. Therefore, the exchange of UHV is the best choice. The reverse distribution of primary energy and electricity load is an important reason for the development of UHV. China's primary energy sources are concentrated in the northeast, northwest, and southwest regions, while load centers are concentrated in the southeast coastal areas. The reverse distribution of primary energy and load has led to the need for large-scale deployment of energy.

The growth of electricity consumption requires a higher level of transmission network is the key to the construction of the exchange of UHV. At present, the development of 500 kV network racks has encountered bottlenecks, the transmission lines are too dense, and the short-circuit current is difficult to control and other issues are urgently needed to be solved. The electricity consumption in China's society is still in a period of rapid growth. If the voltage rating of the main grid is not raised, the problems in the future will become more serious.

Structural power shortage is the catalyst for the exchange of UHV. In the past two years, the lack of electricity in our country has structural characteristics. Electricity in the northwest and northeastern China and power shortage in the southeastern coastal areas are mainly due to the delay in the construction of transmission networks. Sanhua as a load-intensive area, the need for landing in the area, to solve the problem of power shortage must resort to the construction of exchange UHV.

Sanhua Construction Exchange is better than building DC. AC can be networked, DC can only be transmitted point-to-point, not suitable for load-intensive areas; DC UHV needs support from the AC grid; DC is still difficult to solve the problem of excessive short-circuit current; wind power is unstable and requires large networking to absorb; Sexually, there is no obvious advantage in comparison between DC and AC.

Foreign attempts to exchange UHV did not fail. The exchange of UHV between Russia and Japan is not operating at full pressure. The main reason is that the economy is stagnant, electricity demand is insufficient, and there are no technical problems. If China still maintains a high growth in electricity demand, it is a reasonable move to build an exchange UHV.

The expansion of the AC demonstration line proves that the transmission capacity of the UHV transmission is proven. In the first phase of the demonstration project, only 2400 MW of transmission power was planned. After encountering doubts from experts and the media, the State Grid launched a demonstration line expansion project. At present, the maximum transmission power of the expansion project has reached 5,500 MW, which proves the transmission capacity of the UHV AC. This will speed up the approval process for subsequent lines.

Transmission equipment companies may usher in new opportunities. After the UHV transmission capacity of the AC has been verified, the construction of three vertical and three horizontal and one horizontal networks are likely to be accelerated (four AC transmission lines will be promoted this year). In the longer term, 1000 kV may not only serve as the tie line for each major region, but may become the master. Grid. The construction of UHV will also drive the demand for supporting 500kV voltage level, which will change the view of the lack of investment opportunities for transmission equipment companies.

The structural lack of electricity is a catalyst for the construction of exchanges of UHV. The slow construction of the transmission channel has caused the phenomenon of power shortage in the southeast coast. In the summer of 2011, the power gap in China reached 25 to 30 million kilowatts. As the electricity demand in the eastern region still maintains a rapid growth rate, the gap may increase in the future. The UHV’s progress may be accelerated. The GIS has benefited from the exchange of UHV, or it has explosive growth.

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