Toshiba Lighting Technology and Matsushita Electric exhibited the JELMA specification (JEL801:210) in the environmental protection related exhibition "EcoProducts2010" (December 9~11, 2010, Tokyo Ariake International Convention and Exhibition Center). Straight tube type LED light.

The straight tube LED lamp exhibited by Toshiba Lighting Technology will be launched in January 2011. Toshiba Lighting emphasizes that the brightness of the lamp is equivalent to that of a 40-shaped fluorescent lamp. This time, by displaying and illuminating the two side by side, it is proved that there is almost no difference in brightness, and the original straight tube type LED lamp has been solved. The subject--the light of each white LED is obviously "grainy". By improving the light diffusion method of the peripheral part of the straight-tube type LED lamp (the periphery of the lamp), the light of the white LED installed inside the lamp can be uniformly diffused, eliminating A grainy feeling. In addition, Toshiba Lighting also said that although the straight tube type LED lamp has a similar appearance to the fluorescent lamp, the shape of the lamp port is different from the configuration of the terminal. In terms of price, the single lamp device is about 30,000 yen.

Straight tube type LED light

Toshiba lighting technology showcase. From the left side, there are a 40-shaped fluorescent lamp, a 40-shaped fluorescent lamp unit, a straight tube type LED lamp unit that is mounted on the appliance, and a straight tube type LED lamp that is mounted on the appliance to illuminate it.

In addition to Toshiba's lighting technology, Panasonic Electric Works, which will begin selling straight-tube LED lights on December 24, 2010, has adopted the products on display at the chandeliers of the booth, and disclosed the situation under actual use. It also shows the power consumption of the chandelier, which emphasizes the low power consumption. In addition, according to Matsushita Electric Works, the order for the lamp is quite good.

Piezoelectric Ceramic are a ferroelectric compound. This means, that the electro-mechanical conversion process for producing a motion is related a kind of self-enhancement process based on an internal reorganization of the material's structure. This self-enhancement process results in the higher piezoelectrical efficiency of PZT when compared to natural materials like quartz.

Piezoelectric ceramic are generally manufactured from PZT (Pb - lead, Zr - zirconium, Ti - titanium). The PZT- formulation can be varied with a variety of dopants allowing for a broad spectrum of material properties optimized for different application profiles.

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PZT Piezoelectric Elements

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