LED lights LED lights with production because of the low barriers to entry, so there are many people on this project. However, experienced people still have the means to identify that the LED strips produced by regular manufacturers and the LED strips of the cottage version (that is, the products produced by manual operation in the rental house) can be seen from the appearance. from. Let's take the product of our company Dongguan Guanghong Electronics Co., Ltd. as an example to talk about how to identify the quality of LED strips by eye:
1. Look at the packaging. Regular LED strips will be packed in anti-static coils, usually 5 meters or 10 meters, and then sealed with anti-static moisture-proof bags. The cottage version of the LED light strip will use the recycling coil tray because of cost savings, and then there is no anti-static moisture-proof packaging bag. Look carefully at the coil tray to see the traces and scratches left when the label is removed.

2. Look at the label. Regular LED lights with printed bags and reels will have printed labels instead of printed labels. The label of the cottage version is printed, and the specifications and parameters are not uniform.

3. Look at the attachments. Regular LED strips will be accompanied by instructions for use and strips in the box, as well as LED strips with connectors or decks; the cottage version of the LED strips do not have these accessories in the box, because They can save the province.

4. Look at the solder joints. The LED strips produced by the regular LED strip manufacturers are produced by the SMT chip process using solder paste and reflow soldering processes. Therefore, the solder joints on the LED strips are relatively smooth and the soldering amount is not large, and the solder joints extend in an arc shape from the FPC pads to the LED electrodes. The soldering spot of the LED lamp strip of the cottage version is not uniform, and a dot is wrapped around the soldering foot, and there are different degrees of tin tips. This is a typical phenomenon of manual soldering.

5, look at the quality of FPC. FPC is divided into copper and rolled copper. The copper foil of the copper plate is convex. If you look at it, you can see it from the connection between the pad and the FPC. The rolled copper is closely integrated with the FPC and can be bent freely without peeling off the pad. If the copper plate is bent too much, the pad will fall off. If the temperature is too high during maintenance, the pad will fall off.

6, look at the cleanliness of the surface of the LED light strip. If the LED strips produced by the SMT process are used, the surface is very clean and does not see any impurities or stains. However, if the cottage version of the LED light strip produced by the hand soldering process, the surface will remain stained and cleaned regardless of how it is cleaned, and flux and tin residue will remain on the surface of the FPC.

Future Bus Connectors Description
Future Bus connectors, which use 2mm style have a mating distance of 10mm. Both Future bus and the upgrade Future bus+ are out-dated.No additional work has been done to upgrade the specification over the years. However we still produce products which meet the Physical and Electrical layers of IEE P896.

Antenk future bus connecto feature

designed in metric dirnension on 2 millimeters grid over 5 rows.

1 Standardized product through EIA (USA), IEC and CECC (international).
2 Selected by IEEE as the interconnection system for Futurebus + / SCI / VicBus.
3 Multi-sources product,use for telecommunication, network, server / workstation market.
4 High tempersture materials SMT compatible.
5 Modular design giving flexibility for system design.
6 Stackable end to end without loss of contact position.
7 High density (more than 2 times as compared to the standard inch based " Euroconnector Din 41612 " ).
8 Tuning Fork female contact concept for higher robustness and improved reliability
(low contact resistance and high normal force).
9 Low insertion force design.
10 Inverse connector system (signal and power).
11 Optimized solder and compliant press-fit terminations for backplane and circuit board connectors.

12 differents mating lengths on signal and 3 on power for standard connector system.

Future Bus connectors Application
Telecom backplane board

Antenk offers a complete line of 5+2 and 8+2 Hard Metric Connectors as well as a complete line of 4 and 5 row Future bus Connectors.

4 5 rows futurebus connectors
4 and 5 row Future bus Connectors
4 Rows Signal & Power
5 Rows Signal & Power
Female IDC Type 4&5 Rows
Power Connector & Cable

Vertical, 5 Rows
Right Aangle, 5 Rows
Vertical, 4 Rows
Right Angle, 4 Rows

5+2 and 8+2 Hard Metric Connectors

2.0mm futurebus connector
2.0mm Future Bus Connector Male DIP
2.0mm Future Bus Connector Female DIP
2.0mm Future Bus Connector Male Press Fit 
2.0mm Future Bus Connector Female Press Fit 
2.0mm Future Bus Connector Power Type 

2mm HM (hardmetric) Connector Introduction

System designed to meet the current and future needs of instrumentation applications giving excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics. It is a high performance, high density system with flexible configuration which offers upgradeability. The connector system is fully supported by Antenk spice models to guarantee choosing the right product to match the application.

ANTENK 2.0mm HARD METRIC CONNECTOR MODULES comply with international IEC 917and IEC 61076-4-101
standards. The connector systems in telecommunication and other industries require hight density connectors to support
larger amounts of data increasingly higher speeds antenk 2mm hardmetric modules offer the solution
Features and Benefits:
This high density connector modules can be stacked end to end without loss of space.
1,ANTENK developed the 2.0mm series under thorough consideration of impedance match, propagation delay,
cross talk, reflection. It is the ideal connector for digital high speed data application.
2,ANTENK offers differend types with inverted mating configuration. The male connector is a fixed module at the
backplane and the female commector is a free component of the plug-in module. The male connector has 5 signal row.
3 The outer shielding rows z and f of the male connector engage the shielding contacts of the famale connector. theshield
is also designed for gas tight, press-fit installation.
4 The connector system offers 15 contact length that utilize the proven press-fit assembly technique. Within the 15
contact length are 3 mating levels, achievable on both the plug-in and rear I / 0 side.
5 Coding system prevents mix-up and wrong mating between male and female connectors.
6 The 2.0Mm Hard Metric Connectors and DIN 41612 connectors can be used on the same PC board as both have the
same mating distance.
7 Staggered make-break pin populations for optional hot-swap capability.
8 Rear pin option for through-the-backplane I/O application.
9 High density PCI capability,shield for EMI/RFI protection.

2mm HM (hardmetric) Connector Features:
High density system with small real estate on backplane and daughtercard
Extensive range of signal, power, coaxial and fibre board-to-board and cable-to-board connections
Modular units give flexible configuration
Special versions for VME64 extensions and CompactPCI
Signal contact rating 1.5a fully energized
Universal power module rated at 7.8A/line, 23.4A fully energized
All lines impedance controlled to 50 (single ended) and 100Ω (differential) nominal
Safe design, complies with IEC950 in mated condition
Universal power module is safe in unmated condition
Several performance levels for board and cable connectors with unshielded and shielded versions
Mismatching keys block mating before any contact touch
Small press fit board hole allows maximum track width and minimum signal corruption
1.4 to 5.6mm (0.055 to 0.220 inch) Backplane thickness range

2mm HM (hardmetric) Connector Applications
Communications & Networking, Computers & Computer Peripherals, Sensing & Instrumentation

2.0mm Hard Metric Connectors

Metric Connectors,2.0Mm Hard Metric Connectors,Hard Metric Connectors,Hard Metric Female Connector,2.0mm Future Bus Connector Male DIP,2.0mm Future Bus Connector Female DIP

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