What are the advantages of LED lights compared to ordinary light bulbs?

1, energy saving, more than 80% energy saving than traditional incandescent lamps, the brightness of the same power is 10 times that of incandescent lamps;
2, the life is too long, more than 50,000 hours, more than 50 times that of traditional tungsten lamps;
3, no harmful gases, such as mercury;
4, without any radiation, such as ultraviolet light;
5, good seismic performance and stable structure;
6, low operating voltage, safe and reliable. Surface temperature ≤ 60 ° C (at ambient temperature Ta = 25 ° C);
7, luminous efficiency can be as high as 801m / w, a variety of color temperature optional, high color rendering index, good color rendering;
8, reduce line loss, no pollution to the power grid. Power factor ≥ 0.9, harmonic distortion ≤ 20%, EMI meets global indicators, reducing the power loss of the power supply line and avoiding high-frequency interference pollution to the power grid.

How to solve LED heat dissipation

The heat dissipation of the LED lamp housing will have different considerations depending on the power level and the place of use.

1. Aluminum fins, this is the most common way to dissipate heat, using aluminum fins as part of the enclosure to increase heat dissipation.

2. The heat-conductive plastic shell is filled with the heat-conducting material when the plastic shell is injection-molded, and the heat-transfer and heat-dissipating ability of

3. Surface radiation heat treatment, the surface of the lamp shell is radiated and heat-dissipated. The simple method is to apply radiation heat-dissipating paint, which can be radiated away from the surface of the lamp housing.

4. Air hydrodynamics, using the shape of the lamp housing to create convective air, which is the lowest cost to enhance heat dissipation.

5. Fan, inside the lamp housing, use long-life and high-efficiency fan to enhance heat dissipation, low cost and good effect. However, it is troublesome to change the fan, and it is not suitable for outdoor use. This design is rare.

6. The heat pipe, using the heat pipe technology, conducts heat from the LED chip to the heat sink fin of the casing. Large lamps, such as street lamps, are common designs.

7. Liquid bulbs, which use a liquid bulb encapsulation technique to fill a transparent liquid with a high thermal conductivity into the bulb of the lamp body. This is the only technology that uses the light-emitting surface of the LED chip to transmit heat and dissipate heat in addition to the principle of reflection.

8. The use of the lamp cap, in the household type of less power LED lamp, often use the inner space of the lamp cap to put part or all of the heating drive circuit. This makes it possible to dissipate heat from a lamp cap having a large metal surface such as a screw cap because the lamp cap is in close contact with the metal electrode of the lamp holder and the power cord. Therefore, a part of the heat can be derived from heat dissipation.

9. Integration of heat conduction and heat dissipation - the application of high thermal conductivity ceramics, the purpose of heat dissipation of the lamp housing is to reduce the operating temperature of the LED chip. Since the expansion coefficient of the LED chip and the constant thermal conductivity of the metal and the expansion coefficient of the heat dissipation material are large, the LED cannot be used. The chip is directly soldered to prevent high and low temperature thermal stress from damaging the LED chip. The latest high thermal conductivity ceramic material, the thermal conductivity is close to aluminum, and the expansion system can be adjusted to synchronize with the LED chip. In this way, heat conduction and heat dissipation can be integrated to reduce the intermediate process of heat conduction.

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