At present, Anhui Fuyang is experimenting with "smart traffic lights" consisting of traffic lights, intelligent controllers and LED displays, with traffic light indication, countdown and LED screen scrolling display.

According to relevant sources, the new type of signal light is about 2 meters high. In addition to displaying the traditional traffic lights and pedestrian crossing signs, the LED electronic display has added a row of LED displays. This kind of signal light is more beautiful and eye-catching than the original traffic signal. It also adds text information through the display screen, which not only displays the warm traffic safety slogan, but also displays the traffic conditions of the city, and reminds the public to pay attention to traffic safety. If the trial operation stage has achieved good results, the lamp will be promoted to the whole city.

Optic fiber clousure dome type is applied in the junction and protecting of the fiber.It can be place with the aerial cable or buried in earth or put in the pipeline.The outer part and the fusing part of the clousure are made of the project plastic with the virtue .
   Fiber Optic Splice Closure is a Fiber Infrastructure System Technology. It is the environmentally sealed enclosure for the fiber management system that provides the functions of splice and passive component integration in the external network. Single-ended design. Base and dome are sealed with a clamp and O-ring system, 16 round entry/exit ports for drop cables and 1 oval port for looped cable.

Dome Splice Closure

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