Eddie Sen Optoelectronics, which is known as the LED new stock king, will be listed on the 12th with NT$108. Edison’s chairman Wu Jianrong said that 2011 will be the year of LED lighting, and the market will start to grow. Therefore, it will actively expand its production capacity. In 2011, the high-power LED packaging capacity will reach 50 million units per month, and it is expected to hit the annual revenue of NT$10 billion in 2012, compared with 2010 revenue of NT$3 billion. The goal of Yuan will be a leap forward.

Wu Jianrong pointed out that although the penetration rate of the LED lighting market is not as good as that of the TV backlight market, 2011 will be the first year of LED lighting officially. Edison has prepared for the advance position, and the capacity expansion is the performance of confidence in the market growth. The monthly capacity in the fourth quarter will increase to 20 million units, and will increase to 50 million units in 2011. Its high-power output value and capacity rank the highest in the industry, which is equivalent to 10 times the gap between some small factories. Edison's future Competitors will lock in the international giants Philips, Osram and Cree.

Wu Jianrong said that Edison's plant in Yangzhou will become the largest lighting packaging base in Asia or the mainland. The current monthly revenue contribution will reach RMB 23 million. According to the original plan, the first phase of Yangzhou Plant will reach the annual production value of RMB. With a contribution of 2 billion yuan, and entering the second phase of planning in the second half of 2011, the future will focus on capacity expansion of systems and modules. It is expected that the scale of production capacity of future lighting integration will reach one million per month.

Different from other LED packaging factories, the liquid crystal? I light market is the main one. Wu Jianrong pointed out that Edison has been focusing on LED lighting applications for 10 years. Since it is self-positioning as a component brand, the number of LED lighting customers is 3,000. With Europe and the mainland as the main markets, Edison's first LDMS (Lighting Design Manufacturing Service) lighting integration model provides a vertical integration solution from components, modules to finished products. It is not only the industry's first, but also Edison's LED lighting. The unique competitive advantage of the market.

Edison’s revenue in 2009 was approximately NT$1.7 billion. As of the first three quarters of 2010, revenues reached NT$2.35 billion. Among them, LED lighting revenue accounted for 72%, which is higher than the average LED factory lighting proportion of about 2 ~30%, according to underwriting broker Yongfeng Jin estimates, Edison's 2010 revenue is expected to reach NT$3.1 billion, with an annual growth rate of 82%, and an after-tax earnings per share (EPS) is expected to reach 6.2 yuan. In 2011, the revenue was about 4.37 billion yuan, and the listed stock was 880 million yuan. The EPS could reach 9.32 yuan.

However, Edison’s internal goals are more positive. 媞a expects that the growth rate of revenue in 2011 should not be lower than the 80% in 2010, which is estimated to be about 5 billion yuan in annual revenue. He said that he has received To a good indoor light source order, the customer size is expected to double in 2011. The European and mainland markets will be the main growth markets. He will continue to express his confidence in achieving a revenue of 10 billion yuan in 2012.

Edison's 2009 gross profit margin reached 33~34%, and the combined gross profit margin for the first three quarters of 2010 was 32%, including 30% for light lighting components, 30-40% for light sensing components, and 25 for optical transmission components. %. Looking forward to 2011, Wu Jianrong pointed out that the current global market of Edison LED high-power components accounts for about 4~5%. In 2011, the market share is expected to double, but the LED lighting market will sooner or later go to price competition, and high gross margin is difficult. For a long time, we can't just stick to high-margin component products. Since 2011 is a key year for the LED lighting industry, if there is no card to a good position, it will lose market opportunities. Therefore, the operation trend in 2011 will be adjusted to expand revenue and Pursue overall profitability.

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