Chongqing Outer Ring Expressway was appraised by the Ministry of Transport yesterday and was named the National “Technology Demonstration Road”. It is understood that in addition to reflecting more advanced design concepts, more convenient measures and more comfortable and safe driving, the Outer Ring Express uses a large number of energy-saving science and technology in construction.

The person in charge of the Chongqing Expressway Group said that a three-kilometer-long tunnel would cost an average of 3 million yuan per year. There are 11 tunnels on the outer ring highway, of which the Shijialiang tunnel is 4,300 meters long. If traditional tunnel lighting and ventilation technology is adopted, the annual energy consumption is huge. In order to save energy, LED lighting (light-emitting diode) lamps are widely used in high-rise tunnel lighting. It not only saves 40% of electricity compared with sodium lamps of the same brightness, but also saves millions of yuan in lighting electricity every year. At the same time, the life of LED lights can exceed 50,000 hours, which greatly saves maintenance costs and time.

In addition, in the process of maintaining tunnel ventilation, the outer ring high-speed tunnel adopts the “feedforward intelligent ventilation system” energy-saving technology. By setting the induction probe outside the hole, before the traffic enters the tunnel, the system will calculate the traffic flow in advance, and then determine the starting strength of the fan according to the traffic volume, so that the vehicle is more ventilated, and the vehicle is less ventilated through tunnel ventilation. Energy-saving technology, the average ring highway tunnel saves electricity consumption by 15%-20% per year, and reduces electricity expenses by about 3.4 million to 4.25 million yuan.

During the high-speed construction of the outer ring, many mountain springs were introduced into the high-level reservoirs, and the dredged irrigation was carried out on the sloped green plants through the laid PVC pipes. According to estimates, this water source utilization technology saves dozens of manpower every year, as well as labor costs of millions of dollars and fuel consumption of water transportation.

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