Driving on the Dongguan-Shenzhen Expressway late at night, you will find that with fewer and fewer vehicles, the lights on both sides of the road are quietly dimming. Whenever it rains or rains, or a traffic accident occurs, the street lights in the corresponding sections will become brighter.

With this set of "smart street light" solutions, Guangdong Rongwen Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Rongwen) was selected for the "2011 China Internet of Things Excellent Application Case" sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Science and Technology. "Compilation" has even acquired the new identity of "on-demand lighting" in the field of application of Internet of Things pioneers.

Over 90% of the energy-saving business opportunities for lighting The founder and chairman of the board, Li Yiqiang, first introduced intelligent control of IoT technology in 2008, pursuing the concept of “on-demand lighting”. At that time, he had deeply felt that he simply stayed in traditional lighting processing agents and lighting projects, and that enterprises could not be made big. In 1998, he and General Manager Li Zhixiong, who now is Rongwen, founded Guangdong Rongwen Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd., which mainly manufactures American street lamp brands and agency sales in China. In 2005, the company has obtained tens of millions of net profit income.

38-year-old Li Yiqiang, born in Dongguan, a foreign-funded enterprise, has dealt with merchants of European and American countries for many years. “We have been in the direction of the European market.” Li Yiqiang said: “Analyzing the domestic and European and American markets, we have found intelligent control systems for street lamps. It is the development trend in the future. The traditional sodium lamp will greatly increase the luminous efficiency through new materials and new technologies, and will be equipped with an intelligent control system. Intelligent management of “on-demand lighting” is the development direction of future street lighting applications.”

"On-demand lighting" is appropriate lighting. According to one survey, excessive lighting and wastage of electricity are common in urban roads, highways and tunnels in China, and excessive lighting energy consumption is as high as 50% to 90%.

Rong Wen saw the energy saving opportunity of the street lamp. But in the beginning, Rong Wenhua did not master the core technology of the key electronic township flu devices that use the Internet of Things to realize the intelligent control of street lamps, and did not have its own brand of high-pressure sodium lamps. Li Yiqiang conquered the difficulties through acquisition and strategic work.

From 2007, after nearly two years of negotiations, Rong Wen acquired a Hong Kong company with core technology and installed its electronic ballasts on Rongwen lamps. After increasing input, the monthly output has increased by 10 times to 50,000 sets, equivalent to the total amount of street lights in a large city in China. In 2008, Rong Wen conducted technical cooperation with Echelon of the United States and SLV of France.

In Rongwen’s street light management and control center, staff sent instructions through the computer to the street lamps in Chang’an Town and far away in Shanxi Province that possess “ID cards”. The “smart lights” can be based on the degree of road traffic at different times of the day. Automatic adjustment of working status can also intelligently perceive the road's vehicle and speed information, adjust brightness in real time, and increase brightness in time according to weather changes such as heavy rain.

Street lights free change + energy savings into Rong Wen will be the first order of the "smart streetlight" application selected the company's birthplace Chang'an. "We are Chang'an enterprises. The town government has watched the company grow step by step, has a trust basis, and the previous street lights are also Rongwen's transformation. The compatibility has been greatly improved and the technology risks are relatively less. The town government supports us."

In addition to the support of the local government, Rong Wen’s most special move to seize the city’s street lighting market is “free use” and “energy saving sharing.” “In the intelligent energy-saving transformation of street lighting systems, we don’t need local government to dig a penny. We outsource the replacement and maintenance of street lamps to a professional company, and then use the monthly electricity fee as a benchmark, and divide the energy saving amount into 9:1 according to relevant departments.” However, not all of Rongwen's "smart streetlights" projects use the "free change + energy savings" business model.

Take an example of a street lamp retrofit project that needs to cost 10 million yuan. Assume that one year consumes 1 million kilowatts of electricity, and according to the residential electricity price of 0.98 yuan/kWh, a total of 19.8 million yuan will be spent in 10 years. Purchasing Rong Wen's "smart street light" solution, users only need to pay 9.212 million yuan in electricity and energy-saving costs, compared with 19.8 million yuan previously saved half of the cost, and Rongwen will receive 5.292 million yuan of energy-saving income.

For every 1 million street lights, 1 year of conservation and maintenance costs of 1 million yuan, Li Yiqiang said, probably no one would reject such a temptation because “the electricity cost saved is considerable, and every million street lights can save 1 million in maintenance fees for only one year. Around Yuan.” Li Yi emphasized, “The energy saving of Rongwen Streetlight is not at the expense of brightness, but it is based on the city road lighting design standards to ensure that the brightness is increased by more than 10% and the lighting rate is not less than 98%.”

Xu Wen, Marketing Director of Rongwen revealed that the users of the Wanshen Expressway Street Light Reconstruction Project completed in Rongwen in June 2011 were distressed. “The road lamp on the expressway is often broken, and it will not be repaired until after receiving the complaint, affecting the reputation.” 2000 The opening of the Guanshen Expressway coincided with the transformation and replacement of the street lamps. Rong Wen’s control center can monitor the operation of each street lamp and change the passive situation in the past when only the street lamp was off. The original supplier did not To do so, Rong Wen can win the first freeway "smart streetlight" application.

At present, Dongguan Changan, Qingxi and other town (street) streetlight applications Rongwen "IoT smart streetlights" solution, the use of contract energy management model implementation of a total of 30,351 street lamps intelligent transformation. According to data from the Dongguan Power Supply Bureau, energy savings are as high as 60%, and the annual energy saving is 22.56 million kilowatts, equivalent to 7,896 tons of standard coal. Based on this calculation, one year of marketing to the market, Rongwen realized energy-saving income of 1989.792 million yuan, “absolutely not a huge profits,” Xu Xin said. As a solution provider of government projects and an emerging industry in the application of Internet of Things, Rong Wen will receive policy support that can be expected.

Many cities, including Dongguan, have put forward the slogan of "Smart City". Rong Wen also sees the government's enthusiasm for energy-saving and emission reduction and plans to expand it. Rong Wen began to set up 12 operational management centers nationwide one after another last year, and settled in such central cities as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou.

In the past, Rong Wen, who relied on OEMs and agents to sell American street lamp brands to earn money, had found a commercial order in the government's policy market for energy-saving and emission-reduction enthusiasm through the zero-investment temptation model of “free transformation + street lamp energy-saving sharing”, and is now reaching the first-tier cities nationwide. Destroy the city pull the village.

Control way-APP

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Smart down light with both warm light and RGB colorful light, it can meet the daily lighting and ambient lighting, high efficiency and energy saving, light source is stable and without strobe. Three color temperatures can be choosed for white lighting, 3000K, 4000K and 65000K. The color, brightness and RGB lighting auto-cycle mode can be controlled on the App. Three sizes of down lights for customer`s choice, small , middle and big sizes can meet different requirements, and the installation is very easy.

Product Parameters

Lamp Power: 9W
Working Voltage: AC110-240V
Frequency: 50-60HZ
Lumen: 805LM
Color: RGB+CCT
Protocol: Bluetooth Mesh
Wireless Transmission: 20m

Dimension: Î¦143mm


The advantages of Bluetooth Mesh are fast connect, low power consumption, no password required and Ad-Hoc Network. No need WIFI and hubs, as long as you have a Bluetooth-enabled smart phone, you can experience the smart light. When you install several smart down lights, the self-organizing network function can make the signals free connect, break the limitation of distance.

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