In recent years, with the advancement of automotive electronics technology, automotive wireless communication technology has developed rapidly, wireless communication technology is also developing rapidly, and the industrial chain of automotive wireless communication technology is relatively complete, including chips, vehicle units, data providers. and many more.

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Although the practical application of in-vehicle wireless communication technology is still in a relatively basic field, with the continuous pursuit of vehicle safety, comfort and office, the application of in-vehicle wireless communication technology will be more extensive. In-depth. With the continuous improvement of technology, in-vehicle wireless communication technology will be upgraded and developed in the future to ensure the safe and smooth operation of vehicles, while allowing drivers to enjoy the convenience and comfort brought by electronic technology.

The composition of car wireless communication technology

The vehicle wireless communication technology consists of eight parts: car navigation module, vehicle wireless communication module, security alarm module, driving status recording module, multimedia playing module, data acquisition module, voice recognition module and geographic information system module. All data is processed, coordinated, and reacted correctly through the vehicle information center. Figure 1 shows the structure of the in-vehicle wireless communication technology.

The following is a brief introduction to the three important modules of the car wireless communication technology, so that the reader can understand the components of the car wireless communication intuitively and clearly.

Car navigation, also known as car navigation. To put it simply, the GPS is applied to the car navigation to guide the car driver. This technology is indispensable both in the bustling city and in the mountains and mountains.

GPS vehicle positioning can realize real-time tracking and monitoring in 24 hours. According to the user's needs, the location of the vehicle at any location and the information about the vehicle can be queried at any time. The driver can display the current position information through the handle query during driving. And when the vehicle exceeds the prescribed driving range, the vehicle platform will send a cross-border prompt to the monitoring center, so that the monitoring center can take corresponding measures. If the user needs to modify a number of parameters during the use, it can be modified remotely through the monitoring center with a short message.

With the development of automotive electronics, consumers are constantly pursuing these foreword technologies. The future of GPS in-vehicle applications will be limitless, and the dreams brought about by technological advancement are endless.

Car wireless network module

In today's Internet-developed era, there is no "goods" in the mobile phone package. With the continuous advancement of technology, in order to keep up with the strong demand of consumers, some buses now have free WiFi to provide passengers. The in-car WiFi belongs to the in-vehicle wireless network module, and is a special Internet access device for public transportation such as public transportation, passenger cars, private cars, cruise ships and the like.

Wi-Fi terminals access information, entertainment or mobile business models by wirelessly accessing the Internet. In-vehicle Wi-Fi equipment refers to a wireless router that provides 3G Wi-Fi hotspots on the vehicle through 3G/4G/5G to Wi-Fi, wireless radio and other technologies.

The trend of integration of wireless communication technology and automotive electronics technology is accelerating. With electronic vehicle Wi-Fi products, mobile vehicles such as automobiles are transformed into a mobile network, allowing users to enjoy ubiquitous information services.

Car voice recognition module

Since the driver cannot use the mobile phone while driving, this makes the car voice recognition system come into being. The cloud service of the voice cloud platform + the mapping mode of the terminal to the connection between the smartphone and the display device + the terminal application service can effectively achieve the purpose of voice interaction. After joining the voice cloud platform, the user can express the intention instruction according to his own language habit, the server performs the voice recognition response instruction, and the smart phone transmits the content to the on-board terminal screen display through the mapping module. The mapping module adopts an intelligent terminal mapping chip, and can transmit audio and video information to the display device through the A/V channel, thereby realizing dual-screen mapping between the smart phone and the display device.

It is the key to how the driver can make human-computer interaction more convenient and safer while driving. Therefore, in-vehicle speech recognition will become the general trend of vehicle-mounted terminals.

The development of automotive electronics and information transmission networks has laid the technical foundation for the Internet of Vehicles. With the development of mobile Internet, Internet of Vehicles and Internet of Things, the era of a smart car is coming. The realization of the Internet of Vehicles is gradual, and the core foundation of wireless communication technology as a vehicle networking application is also constantly developing. In this process, the development of wireless communication technology will promote the realization of the Internet of Vehicles application, while the Internet of Vehicles will also promote wireless communication. Technological innovation. Therefore, how to better apply wireless communication technology to the Internet of Vehicles is worthy of our deep thought and discussion.

Car networking concept

Vehicle networking refers to the use of advanced sensing technology, network technology, computing technology, control technology, and intelligent technology to comprehensively perceive roads and traffic, realize the interaction of large-scale and large-capacity data among multiple systems, and solve people, vehicles, and roads. Collaboration between stations and stations to provide networks and applications that focus on traffic efficiency and traffic safety.

Regarding the technology of the Internet of Vehicles, E-Friends will hold the IoT conference on December 4, 2015, and discuss with China Unicom the operator transformation in the IoT era starting from the Internet of Vehicles, and see how the voice interaction technology can help the car with the company. Networked user experience, together with the name of Nie, the technology of the United States to study communication solutions in the era of intelligent Internet. Welcome everyone to visit the IOT Conference's car networking technology forum to learn more.

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