With the amazing rise of the Korean LED industry, Samsung, LG Innotek, Seoul Semiconductor and other three world-class Korean manufacturers have entered the top five global LED revenues. At present, the world's top five LED component factories are Nichia, Samsung, Osram, LG Innotek, Seoul Semiconductor, and South Korea has three of them, the most dazzling performance.

South Korea's LED packaging and modules grew by 4% in 2011, reaching $2.837 billion. The Korean Group is actively focusing on the improvement of lighting applications and branding, and the LED output value in backlight applications is expected to reach its peak in 2015.

South Korea's top three LED groups Samsung, LG Innotek, Seoul Semiconductor and its subsidiary Seoul Optodevice, from LED epitaxial wafers, chips, and even LED downstream packaging, modules, have the ability to integrate homemade production. There are also many LED package manufacturers in the downstream. These Korean LED companies have more than 450 MOCVD, and most of them use Aixtron and Veeco's epitaxy machines. In 2012, Samsung and LG Innotek actively announced that their LED revenue targets will reach 1.8 billion and 1.3 billion US dollars respectively this year.

Korean manufacturers have exerted a lot of competitive pressure on the global lighting leading manufacturers, regardless of their upstream and downstream integration strength, scale of operation, and even brand strength. For the Taiwanese industry that guards the LED component market, even though some manufacturers have had short-term cooperation with South Korea, they have already felt competitive pressure for the rise of South Korea.

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