Opportunities and challenges coexist, and low-voltage electrical appliances fall into the price of Red Sea

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China's low-voltage electrical industry is facing new opportunities: State Grid invests 1.5 trillion yuan for power grid construction and intelligent transformation in the smart grid, ensuring the steady growth of low-voltage electrical appliances; the country's strategic emerging industries will be formed by 2015 The basic pattern of healthy development and coordinated advancement will increase the value of its gross domestic product to 15% by 2020, which will bring tremendous opportunities for low-voltage electrical appliances, especially mid- to high-end products; during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, 36 million units Safeguarding the goal of housing construction provides a good market space for cost-effective low-voltage electrical products.

At the same time, we should clearly understand the status quo of the low-voltage electrical industry: the international market, the U.S. economic recovery is not clear, the euro zone is deep in the debt crisis, developing countries have serious inflation, leading to the low international market of low-voltage electrical appliances in China, export has been a huge impact. In the domestic market, real estate as the largest industrial user of low-voltage electrical appliances, under the severe national macro-regulation, the growth rate has slowed down significantly and has had an extremely negative impact on the low-voltage electrical appliance industry. From the perspective of the industry itself, most of the low-voltage electrical companies are taking the low-end extensive route. The lack of core technologies, coupled with rising material costs and labor costs, competition is at a low price, resulting in a deeper price for the entire industry. Red Sea War .

International and domestic battlefields, how low-voltage electrical appliances break through

In the face of challenges, how does the low-voltage electrical appliance industry break through and ride two international and domestic battlefields? First of all, we must make it clear that the competition of modern enterprises has far exceeded the competition scope of products, technologies, etc., and upgraded to new industrial chain competitions including raw material procurement, product R&D and design, manufacturing and packaging, warehousing and transportation, and brand marketing. Therefore, low-voltage electrical appliances to achieve breakthrough, in addition to product core technology research and development upgrade, brand packaging and product image design is imminent!

Industry analysts pointed out that most of the domestic low-voltage electrical companies lack their own core technologies, and the level of emphasis on brand building and product image design is seriously insufficient. They have almost become "processing factories." In order to survive, the price war among enterprises has cropped up. Become a stumbling block to healthy development of industry health. Fortunately, many brands are striving to seek new breakthroughs in order to enhance and enhance the core competitiveness of their brands and products. In particular, Gallantou design and low-voltage electrical appliances brand Noac successfully cooperated for the entire low-voltage electrical industry Made a good example.

Jialantu leads the design to help low-voltage electrical appliances into the Blue Ocean

Galanto's cooperation with Noahac has achieved the myth of the Noaak brand, and many of his peers have imitated it. It is reported that in order to create a high-end brand image of Noaac and improve the core competitiveness of the brand, Galanto participated in the process from brand planning to product design to product marketing. Through the design and planning, the Nojak brand's international market share has been greatly improved, and it has opened up a new blue ocean for high-end industries. In addition to its outstanding performance in the market, the product also received the German Red Dot Award in 2010.

In fact, Galanto Design is a leading domestic industrial design consulting company with a professional team of top designers, technical experts, analysts, and planners to provide customers with integrated solutions that focus on brand and product competitiveness. The business covers the entire process of product innovation such as market and user research, brand and product planning, product design, and industrialization of design results.

After more than ten years of intensive cultivation, Jialantu has a deep understanding of the development trend, products and processes of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry. Through the innovation of product materials and processes, it has changed the awkward, rough, and low-end product image and improved the product's Intelligent and high-tech sense. With strong brand influence, Gallantou realizes all-round packaging for low-voltage electrical companies from products to brands. This service model is more suitable for the actual needs of low-voltage electrical companies, and it is also an effective way to truly enhance brand value.

It is reported that the low-voltage electrical appliance brands currently collaborating with Gallantou include many domestic first-line brands such as Zhengtai, Nuojiake, Tianzheng, Delixi, Renmin Electric, Long March, Taiyong, and Garcia. Industry experts believe that the large-scale domestic low-voltage electrical enterprises can achieve continuous improvement in brand value and competitiveness, and cooperation with design is inseparable. These enterprises have found the value of design from a forward-looking perspective and have fully utilized the value of design. , to inject vitality into the brand's innovation. Low-voltage electrical companies that are deeply involved in the price war in the Red Sea should clearly understand their own deficiencies and attach importance to the important role that design plays in the brand strategy.

The "low-price" strategy is undoubtedly the fatal weakness of various industries. Such a competition model can only form a vicious circle and impair the healthy and healthy development of the industry. Therefore, the importance of design, build high-end image of the brand and products, use design to enhance the core competitiveness of the brand, open up high-end industrial blue ocean, or can be an effective way to break through the low-voltage electrical companies.

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