Visionox and Solomon Systech recently announced the successful development of the first AM OLED driver chip in China that can achieve qHD resolution.
It is understood that this driver chip has been successfully verified on the 4.6-inch high-resolution full-color AMO LED display . Visionox is working with Solomon Systech to develop higher resolution AMOLED driver chips.
It is understood that the successful development of the first AMOLED driver chip in mainland China is an important step in the 5.5-generation AMOLED industrialization project under construction of Visionox. The AMOLED driver chip developed this time is aimed at the actual demand of the display screen for smart phones. Intellectual property and broad market prospects.

At the end of the 1940s, the first semiconductor triode was born in the world. With its characteristics of small size, light weight, power saving, and long life, it was quickly used by various countries and replaced electronic tubes in a large range. In the late 1950s, the first integrated circuit appeared in the world. It integrated many electronic components such as transistors on a silicon chip, making electronic products smaller. Integrated circuits have rapidly developed from small-scale integrated circuits to large-scale integrated circuits and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, thereby enabling electronic products to develop in the direction of high efficiency, low consumption, high accuracy, high stability, and intelligence.

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