As one of the many products of LED light source, LED candle light has always played an extremely important role, whether it is replacing incandescent light source or fluorescent source or partner with lighting products, without exception, it is popular among consumers. With the constant recognition of energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon concept, LED candle light has become one of the main light source products in people's living space. Of course, after several upgrades of LED candle lights, the appearance of the LED candle light has already formed its specific figure in the mind of the consumer - candle shape!

After the successful launch of HUMOLED's beautiful Aurora series dimming LED candle light, it focused on the development of the Micron series of candle bulbs. After several large-scale market research activities for consumers, distributors and engineering customers, we obtained important data on LED candle light type, parameters and performance, and integrated it into the design of Micron products. in.

The product design of the Micron series is designed by the product designers from Italy's imaginative and creative thinking. It is based on the three dimensions of beautiful lamp shape, beautiful light and beautiful light effect. It will be based on aesthetic and optical perspectives. Wax tails and sharp bubbles are the ultimate. The slim and well-balanced wax tail lampshade and the full balanced bubble bulb are connected with the gold and silver lamp cup, the original fin-type hourglass high optical lens, and the negative ion vacuum plating pure aluminum radiator forged the beauty series - the elegance of the new elegant species figure. The Micron series of candle lights are decorated with luxurious lighting in their elegant body and gold and silver, presenting a beautiful visual experience.

LED bulbs are equipped with HUMOLED's original natural inhalation cooling system, which makes use of the principle of cold and hot cycle, and integrates it into the product structure design. Through the complete internal and external circulation management settings, the light bulb is generated by the flow of hot and cold air. The heat is quickly taken out, and the heat dissipation problem of the bulb is solved.

The original fin-type hourglass high-efficiency optical lens, with a refractive index of more than 95%, 300° ultra-wide illumination angle, and LITEON C08 high-performance LED chip, up to 300lm luminous flux and 85CRI color rendering index, can sprinkle light with you Warm and romantic living space. LED bulbs are equipped with the most advanced driver IC solutions, which make the cost-effectiveness of the bulbs nearly two gears. Under the premise of ensuring the overall performance and long life of the bulbs, the price of the products is controlled in a very competitive range.

Meiguang series LED candle light adopts the two mainstream colors of modern lighting gold and silver as the color matching standard. It adopts the negative ion vacuum plating process, which presents an integrated and elegant temperament from the inside out, and never fades, so that the wonderful endless continuation. Whether the rate is a tail light bulb or a pointed light bulb, HUMOLED beautifully fully considers the matching degree of the light bulb in various application spaces and lighting.

In the color, the two colors of the noble gold and space silver are matched with the mainstream lighting fixtures, which highlights the finishing effect of the mainstream lighting fixtures. The noble gold bulbs are matched with the gold-tone lighting, which complements each other with extravagance. The space silver light bulb is embedded in the silver-colored lighting, revealing a noble temperament in light and elegant. This will play a decisive role in the ownership of the living space.

Compared with incandescent lamps, up to 90% energy saving rate and excellent performance are enough to make this bulb an important mission to save energy and reduce consumption in high-energy places such as star hotels and commercial banquet halls. Its immediate energy-saving effect, high-quality lighting effects, long service life and ultra-short investment recovery cycle are bound to become the best choice for energy-saving replacement projects in this category.

The four products of Micron series LED candle bulbs will be fully launched in the first-tier city lighting terminal, and the promotion action will be carried out at the same time. On the display, the Micron series will follow the Aurora series of display platforms, through the tailor-made market materials, it is planned to complete the contracted lighting terminal in one month and the lamp will be effective.

It is reported that HUMOLED beautiful Lai will bring the Micron series to the high-tech LED exhibition. At that time, the distributors are invited to go to the beautiful Lai booth to taste together.

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