In this design, the MAX2550 acts as the primary radio frequency (RF) transceiver with the necessary external components to form a complete RF front end. External components include: power amplifiers, duplexers, TCXOs, and passive components. Maxim provides a complete package with the RD2550 reference design, including test reports that comply with the 3GPP TS25.104 Home Base Station standard. In addition to the RD2550, we also offer the RD2551, RD2552, and RD2553 reference designs built on the MAX2551, MAX2552, and MAX2553 transceivers, covering other frequency bands and standards. In summary, you can get a highly integrated single-chip femtocell transceiver from Maxim covering WCDMA 1-6 and 8-10 bands, as well as cdma2000 (Note) bands 0, 1, and 10.

RD2550 reference design performance test results



Femtocell Radio Reference Designs Using the MAX2550–MAX2553 Transceivers

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figure 2

Note: cdma2000 is the registered certification mark and registration service mark of the Telecommunications Industry Association.

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