Today, "People's Posts and Telecommunications" annual "Editor's Choice" award was announced, Huawei's "100G WDM solution" won the leading award for large-capacity transmission network technology. 100G is the hottest technology topic in the field of optical communications this year. Huawei 100G deserves this award for its large-scale mature overseas business and leading soft judgment and OTN technology. At the same time, the Fiberhome FONST5000 won the large-capacity transmission network innovation solution award, and ZTE's end-to-end large-capacity OTN network solution won the large-bandwidth intelligent transmission network innovation solution award.

The event is sponsored by the authoritative media "People's Posts and Telecommunications" in the domestic industry, and the selection process is strict. It is mainly selected by "People's Posts and Telecommunications" and third-party senior editors and reporters, experts from the business and technical departments of the three major telecom operators, and experts from the industry's scientific research institutions.

In an interview with reporters, Wang Weibin, President of Huawei's Transmission Product Line, said: "Huawei's 100G solution serves global customers and has won wide recognition. It is an honour for me to gain the recognition of customers before they can be recognized by industry media peers."

Wang Weibin also said that the global construction of 100G was launched in 2012. For the entire industry, it means a new decade-the era of optical transmission of 100G has begun. This is due to the major breakthroughs in the two major technical points, one is the maturity of 100G soft judgment and hard judgment technology, the second is the maturity of 100G OTN technology, soft judgment solves the performance problem of 100G long-distance transmission, and 100G OTN solves 100G The problem of transmission efficiency under large pipelines. Huawei is the first to provide 100G soft judgment, supports 3000 kilometers of powerless relay transmission, and is the first manufacturer to provide 100G OTN solutions, which promotes 100G technology to truly large-scale commercial use. Huawei soft judgment and OTN technology have led the industry in 100G Commercial process.

With the continuous deepening of the national broadband strategy, operators have put forward higher requirements for the large capacity of the transmission network. How to realize the smooth upgrade of the existing network from 10G to 100G, and even the network evolution beyond 100G is also the focus of the operator . Huawei optical network supports 100G smooth capacity expansion, effectively protects customer investment, and releases the industry's first OTN product over 10T, providing a new super-large capacity "engine" for the backbone network to welcome the 100G era. At the end of this year, Huawei and the top European operators were the first to complete the 2T WDM test on the existing network. The 2T signal was transmitted on the operator ’s existing WDM network for 3,225 kilometers, which created the industry ’s highest record and verified The feasibility of the network's evolution to the future injects strong confidence into the future development of the customer's network.

By the end of 2012, Huawei had cooperated with more than 50 customers to build a 100G network. According to a report by the industry's authoritative media Ovum, Huawei has ranked first in the global 100G market for three consecutive quarters, with a global share of 34% in the third quarter. It is reported that the total construction length of Huawei's 100G network has exceeded 100,000 kilometers, which is more than twice the circumference of the earth.

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