Recently, the High-tech Industrial Research Institute (GGII) has released a blue book on the development of LED, lithium battery and industrial robots.

"2014 China LED Industry Development Blue Book" pointed out that in 2014 China's LED upstream epitaxial chip, LED midstream package, LED downstream application scale were 12 billion yuan, 56.8 billion yuan and 275.7 billion yuan respectively, an increase of 43%, 20% and 32% respectively. %.

The 2014 China Blue Lithium Battery Industry Development Blue Book pointed out that in 2014, the output value of China's lithium battery upstream materials, batteries and PACK was 22 billion yuan and 47.5 billion yuan, respectively, an increase of 20% and 18% respectively.

The 2014 Blue Book on China's Robotics Industry pointed out that the output value of China's industrial robot parts, body and system integration in 2014 was 7.5 billion yuan and 17 billion yuan respectively, up 20% and 14% respectively.

Looking at the common development trends of LED, lithium battery and industrial robots:

1) In the context of the current economic restructuring, traditional industry funds are in urgent need of finding new profit growth points, and lithium batteries and robots have become one of the most popular investment areas.

2) The diversified merger and integration of listed companies is conducive to effectively changing the current market situation of “small, scattered and chaotic” of emerging industries, strengthening resource integration, adjusting industrial structure and enhancing industrial concentration.

3) The price of products has fallen rapidly. Only enterprises that have rapidly expanded their production capacity, reduced their costs, and constantly upgrade their technology can survive.

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