Hybrid vehicles combine an internal combustion engine (ICE) with a battery-powered electric motor (E-motor) to drive the drive system together, improving fuel economy and reducing harmful emissions. In addition to the internal combustion engine control, other simulations are required to control the electronic traction motor, re-energize the battery and manage the modules required to operate the auxiliary equipment, such as the switch control system and fuel and water pumps. Freescale's MCU family includes a wide range of motor control solutions with a low-level software library available. We are constantly developing motor control solutions with a dedicated set of peripherals for the motor architecture in hybrid vehicles. For example, our Intelligent Distributed Control (IDC) appliances integrate industry-leading 16-bit S12 MCUs with analog, mixed-signal and network physical interfaces to provide a reliable, cost-effective system-in-package (SiP) solution for battery monitoring. Program.

Freescale's Hybrid Powertrain Solution Block Diagram

Products for hybrid powertrains

Products for hybrid powertrains

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