What is the magic of a small blue LED (blue LED), so that its inventors took the laurel of the physical Nobel Prize? Li Fushan, a professor at the School of Physics and Information Engineering at Fuzhou University and a professor at Minjiang Scholar, pointed out that it is precisely because of the emergence of blue LEDs that white LEDs have become possible, which has led to the widespread use of LEDs in daily life. From the night scenes created by the lighting projects on both sides of the Lancang River, to ordinary home lighting, to flat-panel TVs, computers and smart phone displays, LEDs are everywhere.

Professor Li Fushan said that different color light LEDs need to be made of different materials, and red and green LEDs are relatively simple to manufacture. The achievement of the three physical Nobel Prize winners was to find a semiconductor material suitable for making blue LEDs, gallium nitride, and found the technology to make this material. After the appearance of the blue LED, the three primary colors of light - red, green and blue - are gathered together, making it possible to manufacture a white LED light source, so that the LED can be widely used in daily life.

"The most widely used LEDs, one is lighting and the other is display." Professor Li Fushan said that compared with incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, LED lamps are energy-saving and bright. The same brightness, LED lamp power consumption is only 1/10~1/15 of incandescent lamp, 1/4~1/5 of fluorescent lamp, which has a special contribution to environmental protection and energy saving. Now, some car lighting lights are also starting to use LED lights. In terms of display, our TV, computer, mobile phone and other increasingly thin and light, one of the important reasons is that LED provides a thin and light backlight.

Interestingly, this evening, the 2014 Chemical Nobel Prize will be announced. Chinese scientist Deng Qingyun is one of the hot candidates for the Chemistry Award. He is known as the “father of OLED”. "The so-called OLED is the 'organic light-emitting diode', that is, the LED made of organic materials, and the LED can be said to be 'brothers'." Professor Li Fushan said that the LED made of organic materials has the advantage of good display performance. Lightweight, flexible, and bendable, some of Samsung's smartphones use OLED technology. "Think about it, if the TV can be bent and folded, is it wonderful?"

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