Rubbery smell

This odor is the easiest to distinguish. In the first place, check the belt, brake shoe and tire to see if the rubber products in these areas are slack or overheated. If it is found to be the smell of the brake or tire, it should be immediately Stop the fire and stop driving.

Plastic smell

Most of this situation is caused by overheating of the electrical line. Because the plastic outer sheath of the wire is thin, the smell is not very large. However, when the wire is short-circuited, it is often accompanied by local smoke or heat. It takes a long time to cause burning and cause a fire.

Once the wire is overheated, it must be stopped immediately to find out the cause. Don't look at the smell of the wire burning, but the risk index is very high. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the wire will be too high in summer, if not found in time, it is easy to cause complete damage to the circuit, the engine pulls the cylinder, and even the vehicle self-ignition.

Intense scent

If the special smell of non-metallic materials is burnt during driving, it is usually caused by burning or overheating of the clutch friction plate. This kind of astringency is also mixed with burnt odor, because the material of the clutch plate is made up of a variety of materials such as rubber and asbestos.

If the clutch is normal to use, there is no obvious difficulty in hanging or starting, and the smell of getting off the car comes from the back of the car, then check the rear brake system for overheating. Some careless car owners forcibly drive with the handbrake, which will cause the rear brake pads to lock and produce an irritating smell.

Unburned gasoline

If the car can always smell unburned gasoline, it should be highly noticed by the riders. First determine the location and extent of the oil spill before you can drive on the road again.

After long-term use of the vehicle, the oil pipeline will be aged and cracked, and the fuel will leak out from these parts. Therefore, when the rider smells the gasoline smell, it should immediately stop the fire, stop the open flame such as cigarettes, and thoroughly check the oil passage. If the fuel tank leaks oil, there is an emergency method, which is to use the chewing gum to block the oil spill and then repair it as soon as possible.

Burning oil

This smell is more common in carburetor vehicles. It is commonly known as “burning oil”. In addition to smelling sultry smells, the exhaust pipe emits black smoke. One case is caused by the serious wear of the inner wall of the cylinder tube or the serious wear of the piston, and the oil is broken into the engine combustion chamber; the other case is that the valve wear is serious, and the oil may be burnt; and the oil pipeline of the vehicle is aging, and the oil drops to the engine. Or on the exhaust pipe, in the case of high temperatures, it will also emit an unpleasant smell.

Battery odor

Most of this happens when the electrolyte leaks or loses. This phenomenon occurs mostly on wet batteries because the battery needs to be stored and converted by the electrolyte, but when the electrolyte leaks, it will produce a thorn. At the same time, if the electrolyte is consumed too much or lost, the car generator will forcibly charge the battery, which will cause the battery to overheat and emit white smoke, and the smell is more unpleasant. When this problem is discovered, the electrolyte should be replenished in time and the battery should be charged.

Summary: Auto-ignition needs early detection and early resolution, especially in the summer when the heat is difficult. Safety travel is heavy and heavy. It is best to check the safety of all aspects of the car before driving. Moreover, under high temperature, the car should also cool down and rest. . In addition, Xiao Bian here reminds the car owners that it is best to equip the car with a fire extinguisher. Once the fire is encountered, it can be quickly extinguished to minimize the loss.

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