In the past 30 years, China has experienced a rapid development of the “barbaric growth” era. Private enterprises have emerged from the company era to the era of wealth creation, and a large number of Chinese entrepreneurs have emerged. Today, Chinese private enterprises stand on the Chinese stage with the world as the background, facing the opportunities and challenges of multinational companies competing on the same stage. Private enterprises are experiencing the transformation from “caotai team” to internationalization and standardized management. However, from the previous South Korea, the appropriate Materia Medica to the recent fiery NVC lighting incident, the Chinese company's founder echelon still has a "grass hero".

For a private enterprise, entrepreneurs are the soul of the enterprise. The reason why China has developed rapidly in the past 30 years is because reform and opening up have unleashed China's entrepreneurial spirit. China's future still depends on the further liberation of entrepreneurship. The true entrepreneurial spirit must be honest, cooperative and responsible - integrity is the cornerstone, cooperation is the essence, and responsibility is the core. Leaders who are not entrepreneurial can only put the company in a huge crisis.

Integrity is the cornerstone of entrepreneurship
Business is the first. As a leader and soul of a company, integrity is the cornerstone of entrepreneurship. Lack of good faith, first lost the prestige of a leader in the organization of the enterprise, but also made the standardization system of the enterprise ineffective. Not long ago, the departure of Wu Changjiang, the founder of the well-known company NVC, attracted a lot of industry. It immediately triggered a huge corporate crisis such as the collapse of corporate stock prices and the collapse of channel confidence. It is not known that the fuse of the whole incident is actually the lack of integrity of entrepreneurs as company leaders.

As the company's founder, chairman and CEO, Wu Changjiang wants to move the company's address from Huizhou, Guangdong to Chongqing, such a major strategic decision, without the permission of the board of directors, quite a "domestic set" behind the boss. Demeanor. On December 31, 2011, Wu Changjiang attended the groundbreaking groundbreaking ceremony and officially declared to the outside world that “the next step is to relocate the headquarters of NVC Lighting to Chongqing”. At this moment, the board of directors who has the company's important decision-making right is still ignorant.

Afterwards, Wu Changjiang, despite the opposition of the board of directors, resolutely implemented the plan to relocate to Chongqing. Referring to the matter, the board said, “It feels like when you went home and found that your home was gone. Your family moved away without consulting you.” After that, Wu Changjiang’s two-faced style of serious lack of integrity made him His entrepreneurial prestige has plummeted, and the move to Chongqing was also seen as a turning point in the official transition of NVC lighting companies into crisis. Due to the lack of basic business integrity and the spirit of contract, Wu Changjiang’s position as the cornerstone of entrepreneurs has disappeared.

Cooperation, condensing the essence of entrepreneurship
Cooperation is the only way for the company to grow and develop. Whether it is with investors or with distributors and suppliers, the operation of the company involves cooperation from countless stakeholders. Cooperation is based on mutually beneficial and mutually respectful business relationships. As an entrepreneur, the spirit of cooperation is particularly important. If entrepreneurs discard the respectful relationship of cooperation under the influence of interests, they lose the essence of entrepreneurship and undermine the cooperative relationship, which eventually leads to rebellion.

NVC founder Wu Changjiang is not used to working under a strong board of directors. In an interview with reporters, he admits, "If the board of directors is a fund, they are all people who don't know how to do it. Should I listen? This is a place that I am very uncomfortable." In his opinion, the introduction of investment did not bring advanced Management experience is just bringing money. At first, Wu Changjiang introduced strategic investors for the better development of enterprises and to go international. However, after the company's successful listing, Wu Changjiang followed the previous corporate management style: refused to cooperate with the board of directors. Even the major decisions of operating the company to operate real estate in the name of individuals and to acquire lighting companies overseas have not been approved by the company's board of directors, which has not only caused the company to lose again and again, but also caused great dissatisfaction with the board of directors.

But in fact, in the past decade, Chinese VC/PE institutions have played an important role in improving China's business environment and improving corporate management mechanisms. Most institutions have also shown strong professional competence and professionalism. Objectively speaking, in the NVC lighting incident, 阎焱 must meet three conditions for Wu Changjiang's return: it must explain clearly the investigation of the incident with the board of directors and shareholders, and deal with the related transactions that are not allowed under the supervision rules of listed companies. Compliance with board resolutions is required by modern corporate governance systems and should not be influenced by entrepreneurial personal and uncooperative attitudes.

Responsibility is the core of entrepreneurship
Entrepreneur is like the parent of the whole enterprise. He not only determines the core spirit and culture of the enterprise, but also is responsible for the operation of the enterprise, the team and the partners. In the face of collective interests and personal interests, it is possible for entrepreneurs who are willing to take the lead to make the enterprise bigger and stronger. Entrepreneurs who only run their businesses with their own desires and cannot shoulder major responsibilities are lacking in style and losing the core of entrepreneurship.

In May 2012, after NVC was forced to leave, NVC Group was restricted by the board of directors. NVC Lighting's stock fell 30% on the day of Wu Changjiang's resignation, and the lowest was down to 1.46 Hong Kong dollars. Wu Changjiang previously bought the shares of NVC, and the price was between 3-4 Hong Kong dollars. The total loss was estimated to be about 80 million Hong Kong dollars.

However, as the core figure of the company, Wu Changjiang did not reflect on the huge economic losses caused by personal mistakes, but continued to use his rights to make profits for himself. In order to regain the status in the enterprise, even the dealers and employees threatened the board in the form of strikes. It is precisely because of this series of influences that the NVC lighting factory has stopped production, orders have been reduced, and the stock price has continued to fall, causing more serious losses to dealers, shareholders and employees. Corporate crises, such as dislocated horses, are difficult to control.

Ancient language: self-cultivation, family, governance, and the world. Those who can become big things must start with "slimming". Chinese entrepreneurs have experienced 30 years of business in the sea, such as the big waves. However, the disputes between the founders of Chinese companies and minority shareholders or investors are still accompanied. For Chinese private enterprises, the corporate governance structure has not yet been standardized. However, as China's commercial market environment and legal system continue to improve, more Chinese companies will be on the right track, and Chinese entrepreneurs will return to rationality in the business world of the competition, bid farewell to the era of the three countries, The true business man posture has led Chinese private enterprises to enter the track of sound development.

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