On May 20, the General Office of the State Council issued guidelines on accelerating the construction of high-speed broadband networks to accelerate network speed-up and fee-reduction, and put forward the goals and measures to accelerate the construction of high-speed broadband networks and promote network speed-up and fee-down. Premier Li Keqiang clearly stated that “urban broadband To speed up free of 40% or more." Industry insiders pointed out that with the acceleration of broadband, smart TVs will gradually replace ordinary TVs, and another wave of Ebbing will appear in the television field.

At present, smart TV has swept the entire TV market, but the slow Internet speed will undoubtedly affect the development of smart TVs. At present, many consumers will choose non-smart TVs. In addition, they will also be equipped with a set-top box, which can also be used to achieve Internet access. The price is not expensive either. However, in the online shopping, online cinema and other aspects of traditional TV can not meet the needs of users, the speed of the network will inevitably stimulate more consumers of smart TV demand. According to estimates by the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, the demand for the Chinese flat-panel TV market in 2015 will continue to be maintained at around 42 million units. Ovid Consulting predicts that the penetration of smart TVs will reach 85% in 2015, which means that smart TVs will add at least 30 million units.

According to industry insiders, smart TVs in the strict sense can not be called smart TVs, or can only be called primary smart TVs. TV applications that focus on user experience and meet consumer needs will become a common choice for all smart TV manufacturers. . The cross-border cooperation of traditional color TV vendors and the disruption of Internet companies and IT companies will become the "new normal."

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