Japan - Panasonic ( http:// ) unveiled new bulb-shaped LED lamps, the latest addition to its EVERLEDS LED lighting products. The new line-up consisting of eight types of bulbs offers the industrys most energy-efficient , lightest and smallest LED bulbs. They also include the industrys first compact type LED bulbs and dimmable lamps.

The new line-up includes 4.0 W, 6.9 W and 7.6 W standard type LED bulbs and 5.5 W compact type LED bulbs. Available in Daylight and warm Lamp colors, they will go on sale in Japan on October 21.

The new products use Panasonics own heat dissipation technology to increase the bulbs energy-efficiency. By applying alumite treatment to the surface, Panasonic successfully increased heat dissipation to lower the temperate of the LED package. Combining this technology with the design which tightly joins the LED Package and the casing, the company has achieved the industrys highest energy efficiency in LED bulbs.

Also, when used as a downlight, the 6.9 W standard type LED bulbs deliver the brightness equivalent to 60 W incandescent bulbs. That means it can save up to 2,000 yen per year on energy bills. The 4.0 W standard and 5.5 W compact LED bulbs Produce the output comparable to 40 W incandescents and the 7.6 W standard LED bulbs have the brightness of 60 W incandescents when used as a downlight.

Panasonic also made the new LED bulbs the lightest in the industry by making the casing thinner and reducing the amount of aluminum used in the product. The standard size E26 base bulb weighs only 100 g and the compact size E17 base bulb weighs 50 g.

The company employed its own thermal analysis technology to optimize the heat dissipating configuration (heat sink) to create the most compact E26 base LED bulbs in terms of length and outer diameter.

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