Title: Vocational School Secondary School LED Display Tender Notice

Tender No.: RWZFCG-2009-25

Announcement date: March 12, 2009

Deadline: April 2, 2009

Tendering agency: Fuqing Huaqiao Middle School, Fuqing Longhua Vocational Secondary School

Provinces and cities: Fujian Province - Fuzhou City

Content: Fuzhou Weiwei Tendering Co., Ltd. is entrusted by Fuqing Huaqiao Middle School and Fuqing Longhua Vocational Technical Secondary School to open bidding for the following government procurement projects Fuqing Huaqiao Middle School and Fuqing Longhua Vocational Technical Secondary School (tendering method)

1. Tender document number: RWZFCG-2009-25 (2009 Rongcai purchase [0009] No.)

2. Contents of the bidding project: Fuqing Huaqiao Middle School Campus Broadcasting, Fuqing Longhua Vocational Technical School LED Display

Project Name Project Type Usage Quantity Brief Technical Indicators Purchasing Unit Contact Phone Address

Campus radio, television, video equipment teaching, a set of campus radio system transformation, the overall goal is to meet the English listening test broadcast requirements of the college entrance examination. (See the bidding documents for details.) Fuqing Huaqiao Middle School 85202070 Fuqing City

LED display teaching equipment teaching 1 batch of pixel tubes. (See the bidding documents for details) Fuqing Longhua Vocational Secondary School 85121977 Fuqing City

3. Budgetary funds: 269,660,000 yuan

4. Time for the issuance of bidding documents: 2009-03-12 to 2009-04-01

5. Place of bidding documents for sale: Fuzhou Weiwei Tendering Co., Ltd., 15th Floor, Jinhuang Building, No. 1 Provincial Road, Fuzhou

6. Bidder Qualifications: 1. Domestic suppliers with independent legal person qualifications and the ability to provide goods and services for this procurement project. 2. The bidder shall comply with the requirements of Article 22 of the Government Procurement Law. 3. The bidder shall meet the conditions stipulated in Article 3 of the Bidder's Notice and submit the following qualification documents: (1) a copy of the business license of the enterprise legal person; (2) a copy of the tax registration certificate; (3) the bidder's representative (4) Original copy of the legal representative's authorization (for details, see Chapter 5, “Bid Document Format”, and the bidder is not required by the legal representative); Note: All copies of the above documents or certificates submitted by the bidder should be It is the latest (effective), clear, stamped holder's official seal or signature, and the original is available for reference.

9. Bidding time for bidding: 2009-04-02 09:00:48 (Beijing time)

10. Bid Opening Time: 2009-04-02 09:00:48 (Beijing time)

11. Bid Opening Location: 15th Floor Bid Opening Hall of Fuzhou Weiwei Tendering Co., Ltd.

12. The price and requirements of the tender: The bidding documents (paper or electronic) are priced at RMB 50. For mail order, please add RMB 50. The bidding documents are not refundable after sale.

13. Bank of deposit: Bank of Communications Fuzhou Wangzhuang Branch

Account Name: Fuzhou Weiwei Tendering Co., Ltd.

Bank account number: 351008100018000458330

Company Name: Fuzhou Weiwei Tendering Co., Ltd. Contact: Miss Huang

Contact E-mail:

Fax: 0591-63301266

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