In general, commercial places have high requirements for the lighting index, illumination, color temperature, and light efficiency, because high-quality lighting effects can improve the quality of products and stimulate consumers' desire to purchase. LED lighting, especially the rise of COB light sources, has rapidly set off lighting applications in the commercial field, becoming the dominant light source for each window.
Compared with the ordinary LED light source, the first one is that the COB light source can evenly solve the spot problem, and the secondary optical matching is effectively carried out, which is more suitable for the key lighting application requirements of commercial places; the second is that the heat dissipation performance of the COB light source has obvious advantages and can meet the long commercial position. The lighting requirements of time; third, the COB light source can change the light-emitting area and external dimensions to meet the diversified and personalized appearance requirements of lighting products in commercial places.
Therefore, in the past two years, COB has become a must for all LED packaging companies. International manufacturers are also trying to use the high-quality and high-efficiency COB products to open up the gap with domestic enterprises and seize a large share of the market. The COB light source products developed by flip-chip non-gold wire packaging technology have high reliability, low thermal resistance, high current use, uniform light color and other technical advantages, bringing unprecedented light quality enjoyment to the commercial field, and highly competitive in the market. .
It is understood that COB products have been launched in the past two years, but only in the conventional projection lamp products such as commercial lighting, hotel lighting, etc., and this year launched a series of products with small light-emitting surface and large luminous flux output, among which 5050 and 7070 are the main pushes. In particular, COB products with a low power of 12W or less will go in two directions. The 5050 and 7070 products are mainly for customers in domestic channels; the products with small luminous surface and high luminous flux are exported to the market, and they are mostly concentrated in the North American market.
In fact, in the early stage of research and development, I also encountered some thorny problems. Because COB is used in the field of spotlights, we need to solve the optical angle, reflective cup and other supporting problems. In order to achieve better lighting effects, we have spent development in this area. More time. Since the customer is accustomed to the light color of the traditional metal halide lamp in terms of application, the lighting effect of the LED color light is different from that of the metal halide lamp. In the future, efforts will be made to improve the light quality and light color. Do product optimization, and also do some customized products. Because the application products have special characteristics, and the user's preferences for light beams and light colors are different, there are different requirements in terms of products to meet the needs of the market and users.
After LEDs enter the field of lighting, general-purpose products such as bulbs, flat lamps, and lamps have reached a stage where technology is relatively mature, but COB is still increasing the proportion of applications. Its market growth will be in the next two years. There is a clear increase. Significantly different from small and medium power LEDs, LEDs will be standardized, while COB will be the opposite, will go to a customized, personalized market, the overall market usage will gradually increase.

Solar LED land lamp uses sunlight as the energy source, charges during the day and uses at night, does not need complex and expensive pipeline laying, can arbitrarily adjust the layout of lamps and lanterns, safe and energy-saving, pollution-free, stable and reliable without manual operation, saving electricity and maintenance. Solar LED street lamp is mainly composed of solar cell module (including bracket), LED lamp holder, control box (with controller, battery) and lamp pole.

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