The brightness is ten times higher than that of the same power bulb, but it does not produce ultraviolet light emitted by fluorescent lamps. Recently, the reporter saw a green and healthy "eye-protection lamp" - LED lamps in Qingdao Carl Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. This small company, which is the first to focus on the business opportunities behind LED lights, has received orders at home and abroad.

As soon as I walked into Qingdao Carl Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., more than 20 led lights will brighten the interior. Open the lampshade of the LED light, inside is a delicate flat plate, neatly inlaid with mung bean-sized particles. Chen Jingbo, the company's deputy general manager, introduced that the particles are the "light beads" of LED lights, which encapsulate the semiconductor materials that can emit light after being energized. "Don't look at the 'lights' are small, their brightness is 10 times stronger than the bulb." According to Chen Jingbo, LED lamps not only have higher brightness, but also do not produce ultraviolet rays and no mercury pollution compared with fluorescent lamps. It is more able to protect people's eyes, so LED lights are seen as a revolution in the field of lighting application technology.

In the view of Zhang Lianxin, the chairman of the company, the use of LED lighting is more energy efficient. Zhang Lianxin introduced that a building in Laoshan District has just undergone indoor and outdoor lighting renovations, and replaced with LED energy-saving lamps. “Before the replacement, the annual power consumption of all the lamps in this building was close to 1.2 million kWh. After replacing the LEDs, the annual power consumption was reduced to 600,000 kWh, and the annual electricity cost was more than 400,000 yuan.” According to reports, Carl Optoelectronics can be used annually. Production of 1 million lamps, many foreign companies have placed orders to buy.

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