According to reports, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, two major TV manufacturers in order to stimulate the price of flat-panel TVs, will be released at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 55-inch ultra-thin OLED TV.

LG said on January 6 that this year it will launch a 55-inch flat-panel TV with a weight of only 7.5 kilograms and a thickness of less than 0.2 inches. Samsung also expects to release similar products at the CES show in early January. A city-adjusting agency estimates that the listed unit price is expected to be around US$8,000. Since then, the sales volume has increased and is expected to drop to US$4,000 by the end of next year.

This year, Samsung and LG are focusing on the new ultra-thin flat-panel TVs, mainly due to technological breakthroughs in organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). At present, flat-panel TVs on the market still use LCD TVs as the bulk, followed by plasma TVs. The advantage of OLED display technology lies in the self-illumination of the panel, so that the TV screen can be made lighter and thinner without the need of a backlight. However, due to various technical problems, the OLED is mostly applied to a small-sized screen such as a mobile phone or a car stereo. In the past, major manufacturers have tried to produce large-size OLED TVs, but they have never found a cost-effective production technology. Until LG bought Eastman Kodak's OLED technology patent in 2009, it successfully broke through the technical problems.

LG expects to launch 55-inch OLED TVs this year and reach maximum capacity next year, while OLED panels will be supplied by LG Display of the same group. Samsung also produces 55-inch OLED TVs through improved technology, while panels are supplied by Samsung Action Display.



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 Color temperature 3000-6000K


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LED Module

Technical parameters

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Structure size: 135×100×40 mm, 208×74×49 mm, 125×58×30mm, 380×40×25mm

Lens size: 135×100 mm, 186×64 mm, 125×58mm, 355×40mm

Input voltage: 220 V, 220 V ,220 V, 220 V

Input current: 0.132 A, 0.132 A ,0.123 A, 0.125 A

Luminous flux: 2760 LM ,2400 LM ,1230 LM ,1300 LM

Light effect: 92 LM/W 80 LM/W 82 LM/W 86 LM/W

Color temperature: 5000 K 5000 K 5000 K 5000 K

Power factor: 0.99 PF 0.98 PF 0.98 PF 0.99 PF

Working temperature: -40+50°C, -40+50°C, -40+50°C ,-40+50°C

Led Module

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