For the Chinese wind turbine equipment manufacturers who are ambitious to go to the world, the development of wind power Germany is a solid barrier. Bremerhaven is one of the five major export bases for the development of offshore wind power by the German government and provides outbound and logistic services for North Sea offshore wind projects. Not far from the port is the wind turbine pilot zone in the offshore wind power industrial park. Dozens of fans up to 100 meters are slowly turning. These wind turbines come from different wind turbine manufacturers involved in offshore wind power development and are mainly used for data acquisition and testing. Although China already has four wind turbine manufacturing companies entering the top ten in the world, there is no immediate fan from China.

However, Chinese companies are not without opportunities. In 2008, Goldwind acquired Vensys, a German direct-drive permanent magnet wind power technology company. Although it has not yet entered the German market, it has signed a number of MW units with companies outside of Europe through the transfer of technology licenses. Order. The German offshore wind turbine operation and manufacturer BARD, which is in a financial distress, is looking for potential buyers. Many European offshore wind project developers are also looking for sources of funding from China.

However, these opportunities are not at your fingertips. In the view of some other people in the industry, the most realistic opportunities are the traditional steel structures and heavy machinery manufacturing companies that can provide underwater foundations and towers for offshore wind turbines. “This will be a new business opportunity for China's shipbuilding companies and large steel companies during the current downturn in the international shipbuilding market.” Zhao Hangyu, an engineer who has worked in the German shipbuilding and offshore engineering industry for more than 20 years, said that several major companies have been planning Placed into this market.

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