Old people's rooms generally require plenty of light, but they can't be glare, and there is no exposed light source. It is best to choose a fluorescent lamp or an eco-friendly lamp with a soft-light cover. Generally, the Chinese style is more suitable, but it should also avoid being too serious and lose the warm atmosphere of the bedroom.

Children love lively styles and bright colors, and their lights can be quite different from the overall style. A unique animal image or cartoon image is popular. But to avoid excessive pursuit of shape and color and affect the lighting effect, for the sake of vision, the light can not be too dark or too bright. In addition to the main lights, it is best to have some desk lamps to protect the eyes of young people.

The lighting of different function rooms can follow the following principles: the living room style is generally formal and solemn, and the European, Chinese or modern style can be selected according to the owner's taste. Choose from a large chandelier or ceiling light to make the living room look bright and transparent. In addition to the direct light source, it is best to match the floor lamp or wall lamp to make the horizontal space appear more spacious. The dining room is connected or connected to the living room. The lighting style is best unified, and the brightness can be slightly warmer, such as the warm wall lamp. Warm and soft is the requirement of study lighting. The light of ordinary light bulbs is redder than natural light. It is more suitable to use fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. Desk lamps should be equipped with reflector lamps, suitable for writing and reading. The shape and color should not be too fancy.

There are more lights in the bedroom, such as ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, etc., can create a warm atmosphere, but also pay attention to the unity and echo of style. The style requires warmth and romance, and the colors should be warmer. Use a soft light effect to make the bedroom look soft and comfortable.

The kitchen has large water vapor and a lot of smoke and dust. Generally, ceiling lamps are used. In these places, the ceiling lamps are easy to clean and also protect the bulbs. The lamp should be installed in a place that can avoid steam and smoke. It should be made of glass or enamel lamp cover for easy scrubbing and corrosion resistance. The bathroom is bright and soft, and it has a moisture-resistant function.

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