At the 7th China International Semiconductor Lighting Exhibition and Forum, Li Xinghua, director of the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, revealed a set of data. Last year, the output value of LED in Guangdong was 39 billion yuan, accounting for 50% of the country. In the first half of this year, it was over 350. 100 million yuan, an increase of 80% year-on-year, it is expected that the output value of Guangdong LED will exceed 80 billion yuan this year.

It is gratifying that the output value of LED has doubled in successive years. However, how much profit has the company been behind the output value? Tang Guoqing, director of the Semiconductor Lighting Professional Committee of China Lighting Association, said that the core technology and manufacturing companies such as epitaxial wafers and chips occupy the entire chain. 70% of the profits, and this part of the company is mainly based on foreign companies.

Faced with this problem, for Foshan, which has LED as the leading development industry in the future, this is a core issue that has to be faced. If this problem is not solved, the industrial development will be bigger and the industrial chain will be more complete. After all, it will only be able to linger on the periphery of the LED, and it will not be able to grab huge profits.

Of course, this is not only a problem faced by Foshan Nanhai, but also a problem that the Pearl River Delta and even many domestic enterprises that are flooding into LEDs and local governments should think together. In this process, whoever first realizes and breaks through this predicament is likely to preempt.

Li Jinxi, dean of the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that among the products displayed at the exhibition, there are too many homogenizations and too few innovative products. Obviously, this is an urgent problem to be solved in the development of the domestic LED industry, and it is also the opportunity of the industry.

Every industry needs a process to be accepted by the market. The development trajectory of LED can also be roughly divided into the alternative acceptance stage, the utility model stage and the final intelligent popularization stage. At present, the country is still generally in the stage of substitution and acceptance, while some countries in Europe and America have already reached the stage of utility model.

The rapid growth of the market and the demand will inevitably drive the development of this technology. Although the core technology of LED chips is basically concentrated in the hands of several foreign giants, we are already delighted to see that companies such as Zhaoxin have begun to break through barriers. It is foreseeable that when LED products are gradually popularized, technological monopoly will be Breaking, and more profits will be among the vast practical products.

For Foshan and Nanhai, in addition to the need to start regional brands and improve the industrial chain, we must pay attention to product innovation, avoid homogenization of products flooding the market, some companies with innovative design concepts, testing centers, industry standards and professional Talents must be predictive.

One advantage is that the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance (CSA) has already entered the new light source industry base in Guangdong Province in Luohai, Nanhai. How to use the resources of the alliance and combine the local advantages, is also the Foshan Nanhai can be in the domestic LED A trump card to win under the tide.

Icicle & Curtain Lights

The curtain light is mainly composed of a light string and a fixing hook; the light string is formed by connecting light bulb and wire; the fixing hook is a fitting having a wire groove and a hook, and the hook is formed above the wire groove. According to a certain shape, the wires on the light string can be fixed in the wire trough, so that various styles of curtain lights can be assembled., and the whole curtain light can be hung on the frame of the window and door through the hook when in use, and with the light bulb on the light chain to achieve the effect of dressing up windows and doors.                             

Usage one of Curtain lights: decorative bedroom

In fact, curtain lights are generally made up of a combination of small light strings of different colors, so you can transform a lot of shapes, decorate in all aspects, you can choose a part of the curtain light string, hanging on both sides of bedroom curtains and bedroom door, the ceiling can also be combined with some romantic patterns, and if the light selection is softer, it must very beautiful when the advent of the night lights come on.                                                              

Usage two of Curtain lights: decorative bed

The curtain and the bed curtain have similar effect , it can be operated if your bed with a bedpost or a bed curtain, if all the light string of the curtain light are hung on the bed or mattress, or directly take the light as a curtain and it looks like a waterfall when turn it on at night .                                                                                                                                             

Usage three of Curtain lights: decorative wall surface

Curtain lights can be used to decorate walls, it is not only simply hanging on the wall as decoration, but also can be decorated with some murals or room structure,  even it can be combined into a pattern or letter and so on. It is convenient to operate and very innovative.                                                                                                                                                  

Usage four of Curtain lights: decorative windows

The curtain lights is playing a major role to decorate windows, but the new method certainly not an ordinary decoration, it not only can be decorated on the window frame, but also can use as curtain, and it can sew special pattern on the curtains, then a beautiful pattern will be appeared when you draw the curtain at night.                                                                              

Usage five of Curtain lights: decorative items

There are several kinds of items in the family unused and not pretty, and the key is that they are indispensable items. Such items are often incongruous in space and obtrusive, so you can use the curtain lights to decorate them, to wrap around them to create different scenery, like some toys can also be decorated.                                                                                        

Usage six of Curtain lights: decorative balcony

The monotonous balcony can also be very romantic. Choose star-shaped curtain light to decorate on the side of the balcony or on the balcony of the plant. Such a balcony is very special.



Icicle & Curtain Lights

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