The Taiwan Strategy Council said on the 20th that the latest LED lighting smart energy-saving solutions, integrated LED lighting, communication and sensing technology, it is estimated that if applied to the entire street light, the overall power saving efficiency will reach 57%.

The Information Technology Industry Council of the Foundation said that its network multimedia research institute integrates LED (light-emitting diode) lighting, natural light and artificial lighting integration control technology, power line communication technology (PLC) and ZigBee sensing network to develop LED lighting wisdom. Energy-saving all-round solution.

This system can be used for smart power, equipment monitoring and maintenance. It is estimated that if it is fully used in LED street lights, it will reduce the electricity consumption by about 1.34 billion kWh per year. The electrical benefit is about 57%.

The policy report said that the current road lighting failure, manual inspection methods, easy to delay repair, resulting in inconvenience to the public, but with this set of LED lighting smart energy-saving solutions, through the power line communication technology, to grasp the state of use of electrical equipment.

Once the lighting system fails, the system will immediately detect and prompt the message, which will effectively shorten the repair time, improve the overall system quality, and reduce the traditional labor maintenance costs, so it is especially suitable for parking lot lighting, street lighting, etc. Public lighting construction.

According to statistics, global lighting electricity accounts for about 19% of total electricity consumption, and Taiwan's lighting electricity accounts for about 15% to 20% of total national electricity consumption. Under the global energy-saving and carbon-saving trend, the United States, Britain and Japan Countries such as the European Union have announced that they will completely ban and ban the production of incandescent lamps from 2014.

Mainland China is also actively promoting the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities” project, and plans to apply 1 million LED lighting in 21 pilot cities to implement the goal of energy-saving electricity.

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